Happy Father’s Day in Vietnam 2021 Wishes, Message, Status

Happy Father’s Day in Vietnam depends largely on what time of year it is. In Hanoi, where the most important holiday falls, it is a different story. The usual programs for this special day to focus on the veterans and their struggle to overcome war wounds and other hardships. But instead, local businessmen offer their services in the Father’s Day celebration.

Many of these businessmen will be present in the celebration. They offer gifts, meals, and other forms of compensation to people who would like to give their gratitude to the veterans for their service to the nation. Veterans and their loved ones can then use the money to buy gifts and souvenirs. Some veterans have even saved up money to set up a store on the day. This is called “Tung Anay” which literally means “visit the temple.”

Another way to show your gratitude is by volunteering at the local hospital. Hospitals around the country offer free medical treatment to those who need it. Those who volunteer will get a certificate as a remembrance of their visit to the hospital. It is a form of “thank you” from the hospital to the patient for their care and treatment.

The third method for showing your gratitude is to simply fly down and visit the wounded. This is often not possible due to long flights and frequent hotel visits. Many vets earn a living flying fighter planes and never set foot on dry land. If you have an hour or two free, why not drop by their house? The gentlemen will be more than happy to chat with you about their career and their time off.

Happy Father’s Day Wishes

The fourth way to make happy fathers’ day in Vietnam is to just spend some time with your dad. Dad’s day can’t come quickly enough in Hanoi. On this special day, fathers can spend quality time with their kids (if they are present), their grandkids, or even grandchildren. Dads never really get a chance to spend quality time with their children, so this is a gift you can give them.

A fifth and final tip is to surprise your dad. One way to do this is to buy him a trip to Hanoi. I always remember my dad being excited about our trip to see our old college buddy in Vietnam. Imagine what your dad would be feeling if he gets to fly over in a helicopter and meet his old enemy. How awesome would that be?