Happy Father’s Day 2021 India Wishes, Status, Quotes

The Festival of Picking flowers which is celebrated on the third Sunday of the Indian calendar, on the full moon of the Hindu month of August is called Happy Father’s Day in India. It is the birthday of Lord Ram in the Indian religion. On this day, a sprig of flowers is offered to him in the river Ganges and this signifies that he is about to enter the ethereal world. According to the myth, Lord Ram was an extremely handsome man. His most beautiful wife, Subhadra, requested that he stay away from his other wife, giving her a sprig of flowers as a gift.

The very next day, on August 8, Ram took upon himself to enter the kingdom of heavenly beings. Here, he disenchanted with the people of the land, and they cursed him, causing him to leave the kingdom. He went into retirement and now spends his time watching the activities of humans. This is why many celebrate the festival of Picking flowers on this day.

Every year, on the full moon of August, there is a big celebration in the biggest city of India – New Delhi. It is one of the biggest events of the Indian calendar and is attended by millions of people. It is the celebration of Picking flowers which is celebrated in a grand way. For this reason, a huge crowd is invited and even the prime minister of the country, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, makes an appearance at the festival. This is why; Picking flowers for Father’s Day is considered as one of the greatest events of the year.

This festival marks the importance of a father in the lives of his children and grandchildren and encourages them to honor their father and dedicate their lives to his worthy cause. It is the ideal day when children come and visit the house of their father and give him a bouquet of flowers. After which, they take back the flowers to their home and present it to their father with love and affection.

Father’s Day 2021 India Wishes, Status, Quotes

The Picking flowers for Father’s Day is an important part of the Indian culture and tradition and is celebrated with much gusto and fervor. Earlier, people used to wait for the full moon of the month of August and when that did not come, they used to burn the saplings of flowers. But today, since most of the events related to this day are linked to the celebration of Father’s Day, people use innovative and creative methods to celebrate this event. Some of the best ways to celebrate this day are mentioned below.

Most of the traditional festivals are celebrated on this day but now Picking flowers for Father’s Day, the celebration which actually signifies the importance of a father, has become so popular that there are special markets and other tourist attractions all around the world which have been made specifically for the happy celebration. In fact, many Indian states celebrate this festival on the full moon of August. So, if you are planning to attend any of these festivals, make sure you send your father a happy flower bouquet on this special day.