Happy International Day of Families

Given the global challenges, the contribution of communities and families, and also the various issues each of is currently facing, the International Day of Families is highly significant. May it be on a family basis, an extended family or a single child’s day, the theme is the same – giving the family a sense of unity. By sending special happy messages, wishes, or greetings to mark the International Day of Families, you can surely play a part in making this day a memorable one. While it is difficult to express what the symbolising families stand for means in a written form, there are certain ways to show how much you care and value the importance of the day. Let us take a look at some of the ways you can make this great day a part of your social calendar.

The message – shared by numerous communities and organizations in different parts of the world – highlights the growing inter-linkage and inter-connection of people, and their common interest of children, through various practices such as taking part in the International Day of Families; the adoption of the family day; hosting family day celebrations; and participating in various activities organized around the theme of families. The International Day of Families encourages people from every part of the world to join in a unified way, to find solutions to the pressing challenges of modern families. There is a long list of organizations that have long been working towards the achievement of this important goal.

In order to mark the International Day of Families, various family friendly events are organized every year. One of the major elements in this program is the participation of the youth in the planning and execution of the event. The youth are encouraged to use new technologies to get information about family planning, birth control methods, adoption, infertility problems and other family related issues. Various community and non-profit groups also contribute to spread awareness on family related issues. These include creating forums, distributing newsletters and conducting awareness campaigns using digital technologies.

Another popular tool that is used in order to promote the celebration of families in the International Day of Families is the creation of online websites. Such a website can be designed and promoted by anyone with an idea to do so. Some of the most popular and well visited international day of families websites are created by the Catholic Family council and United Nations Organization for Marriage and Family Solutions. Many other non-governmental organizations as well contribute to the progress of the International Day of Families.

In order to make the celebration of the International Day of Families more successful, certain strategies are adopted every year by the participants organizations. For instance, in order to make the International Day of Families more successful, steps are taken to highlight the children and their role in the family. In the past, the best interests of children were not taken into account. In fact, this was even worse as there were some cases where parents of children died because of the neglect of the child. To overcome such circumstances, steps are taken to ensure the full participation of children in the International Day of Families.

The children’s part in the celebration of the International Day of Families also includes the education of children in ensuring that their individual and family growth is positively affected. This is achieved by the use of various tools that aim at promoting the education of children, their rights and their well being. Every year, new and improved tools are made available in order to make the International Day of Families a success. In short, there are several tools that are adopted by people in order to make the International Day of Families a success. However, they still have a long way to go in order to make the event a success.


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