Happy Mother’s day Wishes 2023 in Chinese

Mother’s Day is observed throughout the world every year. On this day, families will greet their mothers with gifts and warm wishes for “Mum Dad and Mum Mom”. When I was young, my mother’s favorite saying was “Kung Dau Tu, Kung Dau Doo”. In her most famous quote, she once said “My pearls are still in my daughter’s ear”. Nowadays, the pearl jewelry that she wore were always so beautiful and so much expensive but I am very sure that the message from her is that ‘take care of your family, it is the family that is always with you, not the money’.

Mother’s Day is also observed as Chinese New Year. During the celebrations, Chinese people typically give thanks to their mothers by making arrangements for them to be with their children during the festival. The most popular gifts on mother’s day are usually gifts related to education like books, educational materials and computers. It is also traditional to give mother’s day wishes in Chinese.

When I was little, my mother’s wishes for me included being a good student and not an irresponsible one. She always encouraged me to study well and to get good grades. Nowadays, she would often surprise me by giving me gifts that enabled me to excel in school. In fact, even today, whenever I receive an award, it is my happy mother who gives me an envelope with a Chinese character inside. I just tear up in appreciation and gratefulness.

In Chinese culture, there is a saying that the more love you give, the more love you will receive. This is very true when it comes to mother’s day. The best way to show your love to your mother is to tell her how much you love her and how important she is in your life. If you want to give your mother a special present this year, why not consider sending a flower arrangement to express your love to your mother on mother’s day? Flowers can be very personalised and express exactly how much you love and appreciate your mother.

When it comes to Mother’s day wits, it is customary to give a bottle of wine or champagne to the woman you adore. Chinese women are known to always celebrate Mother’s day with a lavish feast at home. On Mother’s day, they indulge in a sumptuous meal and play traditional Chinese music to celebrate the joyous occasion. It is common to find Chinese women eating colourful flowers, roasted chicken, fruits and other delicacies. Traditional Chinese women believe that Mother’s Day celebrations strengthen their bond with their children, with love and respect.

Chinese people put a lot of value to the concept of wishing and expecting. As such, when you are wishing ill for somebody, you could say that you hope for a well and healthy life for that person. You could also wish that whoever you love will have a long and happy life. Chinese wishers make it a point to send greetings and love to their parents on Mother’s day and hope that they will be able to see their families often.


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