Happy Mothers Day 2021 in Philippines

Happy Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of May every year. In every country, it is an excuse for women to be with their children and to give them time to bond with the rest of the family. In every country, however, there are different variations of Mother’s Day, and celebrations may vary as well. Wherever the celebrations are observed, the main idea remains the same-appreciation, warmth and support for motherhood. In the Philippines, on Mother’s Day, Filipino women celebrate the day as “angan dinagdur,” which translates literally to Mother’s Day with enthusiasm.

Motherhood has always been the most revered womanhood in the Philippines. Filipina women are highly educated, highly prized for their tenderness and devoted devotion to their children. Motherhood has brought happiness and prosperity to the lives of many Filipina women, especially after the advent of modernity. In fact, the Philippines is considered one of the fastest developing countries in the world today. In spite of all these, motherhood has not lost its importance even for a moment. Filipino women hold on to the ideal of motherhood and try to improve the conditions of women in the family, in society, and in the community as well.

One way of celebrating Mother’s Day in the Philippines is through a special meal called poi-pong. The phrase “poi-pong” means eat motherhood. On Mother’s Day, mothers here eat a special meal filled with favorite dishes of their community and relatives. Poi-pong is the national dish in the Philippines, made by rice. It is served with accompaniments such as onions, garlic, ketchup, and vinegar. Usually, this dish is served for lunch.

A great variety of traditional Filipino foods can be found in the streets of Manila. In fact, the locals consider cooking as an art. Most of the Filipino women today have become highly skilled in preparing traditional Filipino foods. In fact, many mothers here would prepare several sumptuous dishes to please their husband and children. Some mothers even cook for their entire families during weekend. With this, they do not find time to go outside their homes and enjoy the life.

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A true mother always cares about her kids, no matter what. This is what makes her truly admirable. There are people all around the globe who consider motherhood to be a very noble practice. To them, motherhood in the broader sense is synonymous to love. The expression love is very important in expressing how much a mother is loved.

On Mother’s Day, we hope that you will remember how important a mother is, and how fortunate you are to have a mother to take care of you. We also hope that you will be inspired to show your love and care to your mother as much as possible. The truth is, every woman deserves to be loved and appreciated for who she is – a mother. If you are not currently a mother but want to be one, then you should start now. Start being a good mother now!