Happy Mother’s day Wishes in Bengali 2023

Happy Mother’s day is observed on the fourth Sunday of the Indian month of Magh (vernal summer) and this is a day when most women across India send their mother’s gifts as well as flowers to wish them on their mother’s day. Earlier people used to celebrate this day with immense pomp and show but now it has become common and is observed with more modesty. You will find people expressing their emotions and feelings on this day. The reason for the change on this occasion is that the Indian government has started to recognize this day as mother’s day. On this day, you will see traditional as well as modern outfits at the functions.

Happy Mother’s day wishes in Bengali can express their feelings about motherhood in a number of ways. This can be expressed by writing poems to your mother, buying her nice sweets, or pouring out special liquids on her. You can also send her flowers or chocolates or other gifts from far-off places.

There are many online sites that help you celebrate this day with friends and relatives living abroad. They have a separate section for those who wish to send gifts for mother’s day. In this section, you will get all the details about the gifts which you wish to send. You may choose from a variety of items such as apparel, jewelry, cookware, blankets, dresses, shoes, and others. In this way, you can send your mother a gift she will love.

Happy Mother’s day wishers in Bengali also celebrate other festivals of the mother tongue. For example, there is a festival called Durga Puja, which is celebrated during mid-January and is mostly celebrated in West Bengal state. Here, people send their mother’s name in order to get rid of bad luck so that they may not face any trouble during the festival. On the other hand, Durga Puja holds significance in the Bengali culture for many generations. It is also seen that the bride gets decorated with sweets and flowers and her home covered with carpets in order to bid adieu to her evil old days and wishes for good health to her son.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes in Bengali Language


আমায় কাঁদতে দেখেছো তুমি
হাঁসতে দেখেছো আমায়,
দেখেছো অসুস্থ হয়ে পড়তে
দেখেছো মন খারাফ করে শুয়ে থাকতে
সব সময় পাশে থেকেছো তুমি ।
থ্যাঙ্ক ইউ মা ।
হ্যাপি মাদার্স ডে

আকাশের মত ধৈর্য ক্ষমতা তোমার, তুমি সব সময় আমার বেষ্ট ফ্রেন্ড হয়ে আমার সমস্যার সমাধান করার রাস্তা দেখিয়ে দিয়েছো । ধন্যবাদ “মা” । ” হ্যাপি মাদার্স ডে”

মা যে আমার সপ্নমাখা, রাত জোছনার গান
আধার পথের একটু আলো,নীল জোনাকী
শুভ মা দিবস!

প্রথম স্পর্শ “মা”, প্রথম পাওয়া “মা” ,প্রথম শব্দ “মা”,প্রথম দেখা “মা” ,আমার পৃথিবী তুমি “মা” হ্যাপি মাদার্স ডে..

তোমাকে এত জ্বালানোর জন্যে সরি..আর তা সত্ত্বেও আমাকে এত ভালবাসার জন্যে ধন্যবাদ.. হ্যাপি মাদার্স ডে…

যার ললাটের ঐ সিঁদুর নিয়ে ভোরের রবি ওঠে .. আলতা রাঙ্গা পায়ের ছোঁয়ায় রক্ত কোমল ফোটে। সেই যে আমার মা, যার হয়না তুলনা।

One should not wait till the last moment and should not be in a hurry. If you are worried about the gifts you want to buy or the gift ideas you want to give, you can easily plan out your own personalized Happy Mother’s Day Wishes in Bengali for your parents. You can write your own message to your mom. If you don’t have the time to write a letter, you can opt for an online option where you can write your message after browsing a beautiful picture of your mom-to-be. Some happy moments you can cherish till your end of life are with your mom and so should her special day.


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