Happy Mothers day Wishes 2023 in Hindi

The tradition of offering a gift to mothers on Mother’s Day has been around for ages. The very idea of celebrating Mother’s Day in Hindi is based on the English concept of Mother’s day – as in Mother’s day, one does not celebrate a woman only because she is a mother; on Mother’s day, one also celebrates the womanhood and motherhood that she is. But, with the changing times and concepts, Indian culture too has undergone changes; and traditional Mother’s Day ideas are no longer applicable. In order to understand this, we need to understand what Mother’s Day is actually all about – what exactly is meant by motherhood in Hindi and why it is celebrated on this special day of the Indian calendar.

According to the mythological story, creation of the universe occurred when a man and a woman decided to join their sexual desires and bodies together and produce children. This act, according to the myth, is supposed to mark the beginning of womanhood – the first menstruation within the body. From this time onwards, the woman is associated with fertility and child bearing; hence, a woman is considered to be fertile upon her first menstruation. Hence, we know that a woman gives birth, and the baby is kept in the mama (maternity) to be born later. Hence, in the cultural tradition, a girl child is considered to be blessed by the goddess of love (Laxmi) on her first menstruation and given as a gift to her husband and/or family.

On the other hand, according to popular mythological stories, the task of creating the world was taken up by the goddess Shakti with the help of her son Yashtak (God). She created the first sun with the help of her son; after creating the world, she hid the sun in a necklace and let it shine every twelve years on the earth so that it would bring happiness to mankind. Similarly, to wish one’s daughter on her thirteenth year of motherhood and to wish her well throughout her life, a Hindu girl might wish the Sun or the Moon. In the Hindu religion, each of the two main deities or the Devatas, Lord Brahma and the goddess Lakshmi are believed to have four children, namely; Aishwarya (uler), Jain Pratapada (tes), Kalkash (a) and Vayu (vaidya). Similarly, in the Christian tradition, the mother hen (annular) is believed to celebrate the fourth Sunday of the fasting month of Magh (seerat); on this day, the daughters of Christian families offer thanksgiving to their parents and bless their household and family.

Happy Mother’s Day wishes in Hindi may also include a wish to nurture the relationship between the parent and the child, and to extend a caring hand and a kind word to their respective parents, siblings and friends. It is important to show the mother that the bond between the mother and the child is never broken, but strengthened due to her being there for them and taking care of them all through their growing days. The wish to express love and affection may also express an attempt to give importance to motherhood, which is often forgotten in many parts of the world. This is the essence of what being a mother truly means.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes 2023 in Hindi

1. तेरे ही आंचल में निकला बचपन

तुझसे ही तो जुड़ी हर धड़कन

कहने को तो मां सब कहते

पर मेरे लिए तू है भगवान

हैप्पी मदर्स डे

2. यूं ही नहीं गूंजती किल्कारीयां घर आंगन के हर कोने में..!

जान ‎हथेली पर रखनी पड़ती है ‘मां’ को ‘मां’ होने में…!!

हैप्पी मदर्स डे

3. हमारे कुछ गुनाहों की सज़ा भी साथ चलती है,

हम अब तन्हा नहीं चलते दवा भी साथ चलती है

अभी ज़िन्दा है मां मेरी, मुझे कुछ भी नहीं होगा,

मैं जब घर से निकलता हूं दुआ भी साथ चलती है।

4. मां के बिना जिंदगी वीरान होती है,

तनहा सफर में हर राह सुनसान होती हैं,

जिंदगी में मां का होना जरूरी है,

मां की दुआओं से ही हर मुश्किल आसान होती है।

To wish the mothers on their special day and moments might seem like an unusual request but it is a special way of saying that you love them and support them in their hour of need. The culture of India celebrates motherhood and pamper the women for their special status in the society. The day is not only about mothers; it also promotes the right way of appreciating all the hard work the women have put in throughout the year. The traditions of India celebrate many events, festivals, celebrations and social gatherings on this day of the mother. On this special day, people lay wreaths over temples, offer prayers to their mothers, pay tribute to their mothers in their daily lives, and generally show their love and devotion towards their mothers.

Anurag resident Praveem, 30, is a mother of three and grew up with her mother and two sisters. Praveem’s mother is an educated woman who supported the family by catering to their needs. Today Praveem’s mother passed away and she is now raising the next generation of Praveem’s children. The last things that Praveem wish for his mother are the same things that any father would wish for his children. He wants to see his mother in good health and happy even if she cannot visit him physically. To Praveem, a happy mother is a woman who cares and understands her child and who is there for the child’s better days even if those days are many years in the past.


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