Happy Mother’s day Wishes 2023 in Tamil

Tamilians wish happy Mother’s day to their mothers and women relatives and love them. The Chennai based Velliengiri Hills Moms’ Association organizes the Mother’s day celebrations in Tamil. It is a rare occasion on which people from all over Tamil Nadu come together and make this special occasion a pleasant one. On this particular day, Moms from all over Tamil Nadu gather at Velliengiri Hills and take part in a variety of activities. Many gifts are offered to their mothers on this day.

An important part of Mother’s day wishes in Tamil is that a collection of poems dedicated to mothers from all over the state is arranged by the Velliengiri Hills Women’s Association. These poems speak about how important their role in their respective life is and how they wish to raise their children and show support to their husbands and inlaws. The various verses range from heart touching to hilarious and are dedicated to every woman belonging to Tamil Nadu.

A special function is organized in Chennai, wherein a group of women from Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka gather for a candle light dinner in the sanctum of a temple. The women present include wives, moms, sisters and friends of different Tamils. A traditional Mother’s day breakfast is also organized at this function. It consists of a special hamper consisting of flowers, tea leaves, dry fruits and sweets. This hamper is then offered to the Lord during the course of the day as a special offering.

Another segment, which has developed a special interest in Tamil life is that of educational organizations. They organize events like book launches and photo exhibitions where their members showcase their latest literature and serve as advocates of women writers. On the other hand, their female members perform different types of community works like cooking and child rearing in the homes of the sisters and working on the projects of the NGOs. These days, many organizations have come into existence to help women and girl children who are unfortunate to lose their loved ones due to violence and gender biased laws.

Several clubs and societies in Tamil Nadu have also started a separate section for women. Women learn about many issues like how to cope with the changing environment and the challenges they face while facing the obstacles set by the society and other factors. These days, many young women are going to school. This is one way to get an education and build a strong future for them. One of the biggest wishes in Tamil culture that people keep in mind is that women should be free and have a right to run their lives like any other normal human being.

Tamil women have always been fighting for their rights and these days they demand justice from the injustice that they face in the society. Many companies in Tamil Nadu have taken steps forward to help women economically. They provide financial aid and various jobs to women so that they can be self-sufficient and continue the struggle for the cause of women. There are several organizations in Tamil Nadu which wish to extend their good wishes to all women across the country. You can send your wishes to your mother via email or send an SMS to the concerned authorities. The content of the message should match the occasion and it should express your feelings and thanks that you have selected this particular day to express your happiness and thankfulness for everything your mother has done for you.

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