Ashura 2023 – Happy Muharram 1443 – Muharram Status, Quotes, Poetry, Wishes & Image

Happy Muharram 2023! We are wishing you the greetings of Muharram 2023. All the Muslim are celebrating the 10th Muharram 2023 with different activities. Here some Muharram Status, Quotes, Poetry, Wishes and more. All the Muslim people need to know details about the Celebration. Yom Ashura or Ashura is the tenth day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. History is about the death of the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SM).  It marks the day that Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, was killed in the Battle of Karbala.

The Celebrating is now trending. The date for this celebration is August 28th to August 29th. The Observances for this celebration is Mourn and derive messages from Husayn’s sacrifice (Shia Islam); fasting (Sunni Islam).  Let’s celebrate the day with the below Status, Quotes, Poetry, Wishes, Photos, and other collection. You can use these to send other Muslim people.

When is 10th Muharram 2023?

The 10th Muharram (Ahura) will celebrate on the 10th Day of Hijri Frist month Muharram. Many people don’t know the Hijri Calendar. So, they search for the Date in English. Ashura 2023 will begin in the evening of Friday, August 28 and ends in the evening of Saturday, August 29.

Ashura 2023 Saying & Wishes

  • 1442 years later and the legacy of Imam Hussain still lives on despite the many efforts of tyrants to destroy and bury his name. The truth will always prevail over falsehood LABAIK YA HUSSAIN.
  • A million Voices, One Name, Hussain (as), Labaik Ya Hussain
  • Shaheed e karabala ki momino jab yaad aati hai… Tarap jaati hai duniya khoon ke aansoo bahati hai
  • Pani ka talab ho to ek kaam kia kar. Karbala ke naam pe ek jam piya kar. Ki mujhko “Hussain IBN-E-ALI” Ne yeh naseehat. Zalim ho muqabil to mera naam liya kar.
  • Labbaik Ya Hussain. Labbaik Ya Abbass. Labbaik Ya Zahra. May we see a peaceful Muharram, with tolerance and harmony.
  • And till the day of judgment, endless voices will keep on calling Labbaik Ya Hussain!
  • Allah Khaliq Honay Mai La’shareek Hai Or Hussain AS Makhlok Honay Mai La’shareek Hai

Let’s Enjoy the Day of Ashura 2023: 10 Muharram Sad Poetry Shayari, Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp Status & Labaik Ya Hussain Ya Ali Quotes.

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