Happy Parents Day 2023 Pakistan Date, Wishes, Images, Status, Quotes, Celebration

Parents Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of April in Pakistan. It is a celebration of love, trust, respect and other fundamental values that parents have instilled in their children. It is a day to celebrate the education that their children have received and to educate others about the importance of education. To mark Parents Day, various activities are organized by the government and educational institutes and private schools and colleges.

Parents Day celebrations have different meanings in different parts of the world. In United States of America, Parents Day was observed on the last Friday of May. It is seen as an excuse for American parents to come out and take their children for a day of fun and amusement, while the other parents stay at home to be with their children. Pakistan too has a version of Parents’ Day and it is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Month of April. However, in Pakistan, it is observed as Parents’ Day throughout the year.

Happy Parents Day 2023 Pakistan Date

Parents Day in Pakistan is observed on the last Sunday of April every year. It is a day when all the students, teachers, staffs and parents of schools and colleges gather to celebrate and raise the awareness of children about their education. A separate education ministry is also formed to celebrate Parents’ Day in Pakistan. The prime minister of Pakistan along with other cabinet members and leaders of the country celebrate Parents’ Day in a grand manner. Students of all the secondary schools and colleges of Pakistan get together to celebrate Parents’ Day with pomp and show.

Parents Day celebrations in Pakistan are unique in nature. Thousands of students from different provinces and colleges participate in the event. The students of both Hindu and Muslim sects participate in the event. They hold candlelight dinners and distribute sweets to each other. Parents’ Day also includes several activities and events that are related to education, like a dance party for parents and students, a talent show and many others.

Happy Parents Day Pakistan Wishes, Images

Parents Day is one of the most popular public holidays in Pakistan. In fact, Pakistanis have been celebrating this day since 2023. International organizations also celebrate Parents’ Day on the same day. On this day, Pakistani students from every part of the education sector send their Parents Day flowers to their Parents Day flower delivery recipient. International Organizations send their International Representatives to deliver flowers to Parents Day students and teachers abroad.

  • Ask the leaders of today’s world and they’ll show you who’s behind the curtain. Thanks to all the parents for their ever unsung contributions. Happy parent’s day!
  • Happy Parents Day! You have supported me through all my endeavors, so I want to grow up as a son you could be proud of!
  • Dear Mom and Dad, you two are the guiding force of my life! Thank you for always looking after me. Happy Parents Day!
  • Happy Parents Day, Mom and Dad! You two ignite a high spirit in me and push me towards success!
  • Happy Parents Day, Mom and Dad! May you be gifted with twice the happiness that you’ve given me!
  • Having such understanding, considerate and kind parents is the biggest blessing of my life! Happy Parents Day!

Parents Day in Pakistan is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of April every year. Flowers are sent to Parent’s Day flower delivery recipients from all the major educational institutes of Pakistan. The flowers are usually big in size and packed beautifully. Parents Day celebrations in Pakistan highlight the importance of education to society. Students and teachers join together on Parents Day to celebrate this important public holiday in their respective countries.


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