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Make it a special day for dad and mom with beautiful Parents Day banners to share with their friends. The fourth Saturday in July is considered as Parents Day worldwide. This day is about recognizing parents and thanking them for all the love and support they have lavishly given to you through the years. It is also a day to show appreciation to the parents of other children for all that they do. Parents Day is celebrated all over the world on this day. It has become a global celebration with a common platform to celebrate it.

You can find several ways to thank your dad or mom by printing beautiful Parents Day Status Quotes. You can write a handwritten message and save it as a PDF file. Then, send this same email to everyone who is a friend of your family. Print it out on your personal computer and you can paste this message on your refrigerator, on your desk at work, or any other place where you would like to distribute your gratitude. Your friends and families will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift of thanks from you.

Happy Parents Day 2023 Status

A homemade template with a personalized message of thanks is also a great idea. Simply print out the template and paste it on your fridge, at the counter where you prepare food, or at your desk at work. Your parents day status would be a welcome sight every time they look at it. Each time they open this special day from the mailbox, they will be reminded of you and how grateful you are for all that they have done for you and for their generation after you.

  1. “In some sense every parent does love their children. But some parents are too broken to love them well.” – Wm. Paul Young
  2. “The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult.” – Ewan McGregor
  3. Happy Parents Day! Wishing you nothing but happiness, longevity, and good health for the years ahead!

Happy Parents Day WhatsApp

Another great way to send your well-wishes to your dad or mom on Parents’ Day is to make homemade thank you cards. Use your computer and create a nice, high-quality card for each of your parents. Use a nice font, including bold and italic letters, and add your own message of appreciation for their parenting skills and the many sacrifices they have made for you. The words may be written in a language you know best – English, Spanish, French, German, or whatever. But still, your dear parents are sure to be touched by your kindness.

  • My life would never be the same without your unconditional love and constant support. Thanks for everything. Happy Parents Day to you!
  • Mom and Dad, wishing you both a Happy Parents Day! May you have a prosperous and wonderful life ahead!
  • My lovely parents, thank you for teaching me to dream high and chase my goals! Happy Parents Day!
  • Mom and Dad, your gentleness and sincerity inspire me to be a better person every day! Happy Parents Day!
  • “Love is the chain whereby to bind a child to its parents.” – Abraham Lincoln

Happy Parents Day Facebook

A great alternative to sending your love notes with homemade cards is to sign up to receive text messages or emails on your phone or laptop rather than writing them yourself. There are a variety of websites where you can do this, from Facebook to Google. Install the Inbox by Gmail service (which allows you to create an electronic address book) or set up a free account with Facebook, Yahoo, or Hotmail. Once you sign up, the major social network providers will send you a text message or an email on the same day that your parents are celebrating their special day.

  • Dear Mom and Dad, you have raised me as the strong, capable, independent woman I am today! Happy Parents Day 2023!
  • Happy Parents Day, Thank you for teaching me to be kind and humble and for guiding me throughout my life!
  • Happy Parents Day! Thank you for shielding me from the evil but also teaching me to fight back!
  • My lovely parents, I cherish your presence so much because you two are my treasures! Happy Parents Day!
  • Parents are the architect of a better tomorrow. The fate of this world relies heavily on the duties they perform every day, every moment. Have a happy parent’s day!
  • Happy Parents Day Instagram, Twitter

Sending happy parent’s day messages is not just about showing your parents that you are thinking of them. It is also a good opportunity to let them know that you care about them and would like to keep in touch. If you are new to using social networking sites as a tool for communication, this is one easy way to make the most of it. Happy parents day messages may be informal and light-hearted, but they always help with keeping in touch with your parents and reminding them that they are always your first priority.


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