Happy Victory Day 2023 Bangladesh 16th December Images, Status, Wishes

Happy Bangladesh 50th Victory Day 2023! 16th December Victory Day (BIJOY DIBOSH) Image, Picture, Wallpaper, Message, Wishes, Status, and Everything is available here. Happy victory day 2023 of Bangladesh is celebrated on 16 December 2023 across the country. December 16 is victory day we celebrated since 1971. This year Bangladesh is celebrating its 50 victory day. There are too many victory day status, wishes, message poems, pictures, image photos, and wallpapers. We do celebrate this national festival because it is our national day in Bangladesh.

The government of Bangladesh arranges different cultural programs across the countries, and all of the government and non-government organizations also participate in this day with various traditional activities. The defense of Bangladesh will show their actions on the national memorial of Bangladesh, situated in Savar. Let’s collect the Bangladesh victory day wishes messages and images to celebrate the day. Many more collection of 50th Victory day is here with us.

When is 16 December 2023?

Thursday, December 16 will be celebrated as 16th December, Bangladesh Victory Day Across the Country. There will be many more arrangements to celebrate this Day. Including Banner, Festoons, Competition everywhere will celebrate this Victory day. Bangladeshi people use MOHAN BIJOY DIBOSH Profile Picture to inform about this day.

Bangladesh 50th Victory Day 2023

Bangladesh is celebrating its 50th of Victory Day this year. It is totally amazing that the country reaches 50 years from got Independence in 1971. We’re encouraging you to celebrate this 16th December as Victory Day of Bangladesh (BIJOY DIBOSH) with traditional activities.  We’re giving you some Images, Pictures, Status & Wishes that will help you celebrate these days.

16 December Victory Day Photos 2023

We are from Bangladesh, and we are ready to celebrate our 50 victory day this December 16. We got the victory on this day from Pakistan in 1971. So why should we respect our martyrs who sacrificed their lives to get this victory? We respect our freedom fighters who also sacrificed their lives on liberation wire in 1971. Try these Pictures on your Facebook Profile or Cover and Boost this Day.

16 December - Bijoy Dibosh - Victory Day Bangladesh Wishes

16 December - Bijoy Dibosh - Victory Day Bangladesh Wishes

16 December - Bijoy Dibosh - Victory Day Bangladesh Wishes

16 December - Bijoy Dibosh - Victory Day Bangladesh Wishes

16 December - Bijoy Dibosh - Victory Day Bangladesh Wishes

16 December - Bijoy Dibosh - Victory Day Bangladesh

16 December Victory Day of Bangladesh Status for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

There are no people available who don’t use social media in 2023. so the people will publish their status and activities on social media to celebrate Bangladesh’s victory day. 90% of Bangladeshi social media users use Facebook as their fast social media website. So, Facebook user can update their status about the 50 victory day of Bangladesh. You can collect the below December 16 status from the below to use this on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

25 Er Kalo Raat,

26 Er Provat.

Rokter Jorna,

Lash Er Bonna,

Pitar Hahakar,

Mayer Kanna,

Judder Moydan,

Porajito Soytan.

Juddo Sesh,


Bangladesher Bijoy Elo Sholoy December e,
Bijoy Elo Priyo Amar Bangla Mayer Ghore.
Juddho Kore Anlo Bijoy Shotru Holo Shes,
Itihas e Lekha Holo Mukto Bangladesh.
Mohan Bijoy Dibos Er Subheccha.

Bijoy Amake Poth Dekhieche
Diyeche Bachar asha,
Ami Bijoy Er Gaan gai,
Ami sadhinota Ke Chai,
Ami Bijoyer Potaka Dhore,
Sarati Poth Pari Dite Chai,
Mohan Bijoy Dibos Er Suveccha.

There are too many Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day) collections are available on our Website. You can keep checking other contents to celebrate this day traditionally. If you want to ask your question, let’s inform us using the comment.

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