Hijri New Year (1443) Wishes Messages & Quotes 2023

Vibrant and happy, Hijri is the Indian form of the Muslim festival of New Year. Celebrated with all the zeal and excitement of a festive season, Hijri is a time to wish friends and family a long and happy new year. May the onset of the Islamic New Year bring you many more chances to progress and prosper! Happy Hijri New Year!

Happy Hijri New Year for Urdu speaking friends! Hijri is celebrated with all the vigour and enthusiasm as any other New Year. The day is observed not only in India but Pakistan as well. On this day, followers of both the religions gather at the mosques to offer prayers to their beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who is born on this auspicious day. A special Hijri feast is arranged in the presence of family and friends where a banquet is prepared with cooked meat, sweets and other delicacies.

Hijri New Year 1443

Hijri is also observed as the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar, which is based on the lunar cycle. The name Hijri means “waterless”. This is because on this day, all Muslims around the globe to celebrate the joyous occasion of eating water as a sign of happiness and joy. Muslims around the world are strictly forbidden from eating or drinking from any source of water on this Hijri day. Muslims in majority of the countries follow the practice of not fasting on Hijri days, as it is prohibited by Islamic law according to the Hijri calendar.

Hijri New Year Wishes

Hijri is considered to be a vital day for Muslims all over the world as it marks the beginning of a new hire year. It is seen as an auspicious day when Muslims all over the world get together to pray and wish each other during this time. Muslim families arrange a party at the end of the day to give thanks to their loved ones and to pay their respects to their deceased ancestors. It is also believed that celebrating on this day brings down bad luck to the family members on this auspicious day.

  • May all praise and thanks be to Allah, who is in the heavens and on earth. Wishing you and your family Happy Hijri New Year.
  • Happy Islamic New Year to all Muslims, May this new year bring lots of peace, prosperity, and happiness to the Muslim world.
  • I pray for you and your family’s happiness and prosperity, May you all have a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Hijri year to you.

Hijri New Year Messages

In the western part of India, Muslims hold a special function on this day to commemorate the coming of the new year. People send greetings to their loved ones on this auspicious day by sending SMS to their mobile phones. Hijri New Year messages are also sent by adding greeting lines like” congratulate”,” happy new year”,” happy new year Messages”,” wishes for a happy new year” to the mobile phones. The Arabic new year messages are written to or read from a piece of paper or tablet and can be written in any language of choice. The list of Arabic new year message can be found online or sent to a number of different numbers.

  • May the beginning of the Islamic New Year bring you more opportunities for prosperity and progress. Happy Hijri New Year.
  • Let us pray that this year be filled with peace, happiness, and abundance. May Allah bless you in the Islamic New Year.
  • May the festivities in your life never end, May there always shine and shine around you. Wishing you a Happy Islamic New Year.

Hijri is an auspicious day for all Muslims and is celebrated with great fondness and happiness by everyone, especially the elders. It is also considered to be a day when people send warm wishes to their near and dear ones back home, and wish them good health throughout the year. Some of the most famous hire new year quotes include “Happy is the man who fights the fire [with wisdom]”. This is a famous saying of all times quoted by the great poet Shah Wali ud-Daula in his book, Ghazal Muqam (The Book of Friends).


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