Happy Muharram 1443 Hijri New Year 2023 Wishes, Message, Image, Status, Quotes, Activities

Hijri New Year 1443 (Islamic New Year, 2023. 20 August is the Islamic New Year of 2023. Islamic New Year is a public holiday. According to a statement issued by Federal Authority For Government in UAE, mark this Day to happy Islamic New Year 2023. They also marked this Day with a public holiday. All Muslim people around the world celebrate this Day. Notably, the Muslim countries celebrate this Day with some tradition.

A new year gives an essential lesson for every people, mainly Muslim people. Look back, and thought what you did before the past year. It’s right for you? If you did any wrong Activities, then this time, make your Opportunity to refine. You must need to know details about this Day and the ways for celebrating.

New Hijri Year Image
New Hijri Year Image

Happy Hijri New Year 1443

You know that the Islamic New Year. It’s an important day for all Muslim people. Islamic year makes with the Islamic lunar calendar. Many Muslim countries called it Muharram.

The Prophet Muhammad ṣallāllahu ʿalayhi Wa-Sallam migrate from Mecca to Medina for the founding of Islam. This holiday also commemorates the founding of Islam and Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina. The Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, returned to Mecca after receiving a quest from God to spread the teachings of Islam to the world. He also returns for the same reason.

It is the time When Muhammad attempted to spread the word of Allah and the holy Quran in Mecca. Muhammad ṣallāllahu ʿalayhi Wa-Sallam and other Muslims were neglecting a group of polytheistic pagans of Arabs. Tensions between Muslims and pagans soon intensified. As a result, they want to kill Muhammad ṣallāllahu ʿalayhi Wa-Sallam. And they are doing Many atrocities to Muhammad (S). Finally, Muhammad (S) leaves his country with Abu Bakar (R).

And this memorable Day we call it Hijri. And it marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Worldwide Muslim people celebrate this Day. They celebrate many ways. In Non-muslim countries, the Government takes many actions on Hotels and bars. Cause they are serving alcohol and hosting live entertainment. But Muslims do not drink any alcohol and do not engage in recreation.


  • “May the celebrations never end in your life…. May there is always brightness and sparkles surrounding you… Warm wishes on Islamic New Year to you.”
  • “May you start this year with the choicest blessings of Allah and have another wonderful chapter added to your book of life…. Wishing a very Happy Islamic New Year to you, my dear.”
  • “I wish the blessings of Allah are always there to brighten every moment of your life…. May you find success and happiness under his guidance and love…. Happy Islamic New Year.”
  • “On the auspicious occasion of Islamic New Year¸, I pray for your success and prosperity…. May all your dreams come true with blessings of Allah…. Amen!!!!”
  • “As I bow my head in prayer, I wish for a happy and healthy Islamic New Year for you…. May you are surrounded with more and more joy and less of sorrows…. Happy Islamic New Year.”

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