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Hitomi Tanaka Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography, Dating

Hitomi Tanaka is a Japanese actress and singer. Her real name is Hitomi Tanaka Takahashi. She has appeared in a number of Japanese high-budget films. She is one half of the famous duo, the vocalist and guitarist Koichi Yamamoto and the dancer Koiko Kaji. The two became successful in the late 1990s. They later formed the band Koi8 which eventually went under.

Hitomi Tanaka facts: Hitomi Tanaka was born in Hyogo, Japan. Her real name is Hitomi Tanaka, but professionally she goes by Hitomi Tanaka. Her nationality is Japanese, although she was born in Taiwan. She was brought up in Hyogo, Japan. According to her bio on MySpace, Hitomi Tanaka’s mother is Hawaiian, her father is American and her family is from Hawaii.

Hitomi Tanaka facts: She is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Her height is given as somebody who is average in height. Hitomi Tanaka’s height is probably a result of having relatively good genes, since her father is tall and her mother is short. In her early years in Japan, Hitomi Tanaka did not have a formal education. She did learn how to read when she was about ten years old, but then she stopped going to school. She has admitted that she did not want to be separated from her friends when she started singing and performing.

According to the MySpace profile, Hitomi Tanaka’s real name is Hitomi Tanaka. This is a common name that is used by many young performers. The MySpace profile also shows that Hitomi Tanaka, an American citizen, is a model agent.

As per the MySpace profile, Hitomi Tanaka is a dancer. There is a photo of Hitomi with some of her dancers. The age when Hitomi became a dancer is not given. But the MySpace profile shows that Hitomi has been a dancer since the early years of her twenties. There is no doubt that Hitomi has excellent body measurements.

Biography &
Original/Real Name Hitomi tanaka
Other/Nickname Hitomi
Occupation Pornographic actress
Birthplace Kumamoto Prefecture
Nationality Japan
Age 32 years
Date of Birth July 18, 1986
Hometown Kumamoto Prefecture
Caste Unknown
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Debut 2007

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Height (Centimeters) 156 cm
Height (meters) 1.56 m
Height (Inches) 5 ft 2 in
Weight (Kilograms) 47 kg
Weight (Pounds) 104 lb
Body Measurements 46JJ-24-34
Breast’s Size 45 in
Waist’s Size 24 in
Bra Size 50N
Shoe’s Size 5.5 US
Hair Color Brown
Eye’s Color Brown

The last update about Hitomi Tanaka took place at 18 jul 1986. She is now living in Tokyo, Japan. This is probably her home country. Since Hitomi Tanaka is not answering the mailbag inquiries, she may not be alive for some years. However, the Internet sleuths will be on the look out to find the real Hitomi Tanaka and send her message.

Many people will not believe the fact that Hitomi Tanaka has such amazing body measurements. In fact, many people will try to prove that Hitomi is not really this tall. The truth is that Hitomi is not short by historical standards. She is not only taller than many people today but she is heavier too.

There are many more facts about Hitomi Tanaka. However, one thing is certain – she is an excellent actress. And we can feel happy and satisfied about this fact.


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