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Hossan Leong Net Worth, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Hossan Leong has been one of the more successful and well-known Asian actors of our time. Hossan is originally from Singapore. His acting has earned him a number of awards including multiple Academy Awards, and he has also spent time in Hollywood as Hong Kong’s highest-paid actor.

Hossan Leong facts: Hossan is an accomplished stand-up comedy actor and singer/songwriter who have made several movies and TV series in both Asia and the West. Hossan has admitted to being a huge fan of English genre films and TV shows like Happy Days, The Office, and Who Wants To Live Forever. Hossan has also confirmed that he is open to doing double-act shows. He has appeared in a number of films, TV series and video games.

Hossan was born in 1965 in Singapore and is a dual national of Singapore and Britain. Hossan was listed on the British passport as male, but changed his name to Hossan Leong while applying for a British passport. Hossan grew up in Singapore, where he received his British nationality after the end of the British colonial rule. Hossan’s first appearance in any American film was in the 1994 comedy Kung Mangarap Kaap Voi. Hossan then appeared in the Hong Kong film The Perfume Song, which was set in the Chinese prison where he played the role of Chow Shiu. After that film, Hossan was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the same role.

Popular As N/A
Occupation Actor, comedian, host, radio DJ
Age 51 years old
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Born 10 July 1969
Birthday 10 July
Birthplace Singapore

Hossan is best known to Americans for his role as the suave, swaggering, and arrogant suave man in the series Friends, playing the wacky friend of Ross, Rachel. Friends was also one of the few American shows which received a second season, earning it popularity in both the US and UK. Hossan is also well known to Chinese-Americans for his appearances on various television shows in the Chinese speaking country. Most of Hossan’s appearances on television have been in the comedy genre. On the rare occasion Hossan has shown a bit of a darker side, such as in the movie The Perfume Song.

Hossan was spotted recently at the Hong Kong airport with a suitcase and a large group of Chinese tourists. Reports from the local Chinese newspaper reports that Hossan had been invited to an event hosted by the Chinese government to perform stand-up comedy. No further information is available yet, but according to the Chinese newspaper, the event was hosted by China’s top political adviser, the General secretary of the communist party, the Dalai Lama. Hossan is not the only famous Chinese American face attending Hong Kong events, most prominent Chinese American political figures are regularly seen in the city.

Hossan was last seen at a charity gala for The Missing Link, a Taiwan-based organization that promotes cross-cultural ties among Taiwan’s many different cultures and traditions. Hossan plays the role of a cross-culture arbitrator in a situation which pits two Chinese neighbors against each other over the fate of a small fishing village. In one scene Hossan has been seen telling the representative of the Taiwanese fishing village, “It would be better if you don’t make me go into negotiations with the mainland.” The Missing Link is probably still going to be a hit in Taiwan, although the Taiwanese authorities have been rather hard-pressed to find a suitable starring role for Hossan Leong in any future movies or specials. Hossan also appeared in the award winning film, Beijing Kiss, opposite Sung Hui Keng. Hossan’s association with China is more than just the small man on the bridge, Hossan has also made four films in Hollywood with credits to Chinese names, unlike many Chinese Americans who have chosen names that imply their origin.

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