How to say Eid Mubarak to Spouse, Friends, Boss, Clients & Non-Muslims

How to express Eid Mansor (Eid ul-Adha) for many non-Muslims in Asia, especially Malaysia is a common question. Eid is a special festival in Indonesia, UAE, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and is celebrated with the same kind of enthusiasm as in other parts of Asia. Muslims in Asia generally observe this festival as a day of family and friends gathering together to have their beloveds’ funeral services. The ritual of breaking the fast begins on the anniversary of Ramadan and is continued till the night of Ramadan 4th; thus, the names of both festivals are interchanged.

Eid-ul-Adha, or any other name called Eid and which means “joyous occasion” is a major religious celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan, a number of months in the Islamic calendar. Ramadhan, one of the two pillars of Islam, is among the three religious observances in the Muslim calendar and is marked by different customs and feasts. This holy day is also celebrated with different feasts and customs all over the Muslim world. The first day of Ramadhan sees the start of fasting. Many non-Muslims in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore, etc., observe Eid-ul-Fitr.

When we say” Eid “or” Eid ul-Fitr” for non-Muslims in Asia, it means “end of Ramadan.” Many people in different parts of the world celebrate this joyous occasion by eating delicious meals and sharing hearty laughs. It is customary to give money and gifts to family members and friends. Most of the non-Muslims in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and many more extend their warm greetings to all the relatives and friends of Eid.

There are many Muslims who feel that it is not proper to send Eid greetings to non-Muslims in the Muslim religion because of religious discrimination. However, there are also many people who completely agree with the idea of eid Mubarak. All the Muslims who believe in the teachings of their religion and want to express their greetings and good wishes to all the loved ones and relatives and friends of Eid are free to do so in their Eid-ul-Fitri prayer sessions.

In order to complete your Eid-ul-Fitra prayer, you should send your Eid message cards to all your loved ones and friends before going to bed. There is a common error among many Muslims in sending eid message cards. They try to send them early in the morning or late at night or in very odd hours. One should remember that sending eid messages at the wrong time will surely lose the purpose of saying them.

When you say in celebration greetings to your loved ones and friends on Eid, you can wear your holy robe or other Islamic clothes which you usually wear during prayers. It is prohibited to wear women’s outfits like bikinis, miniskirts, and other such articles of clothing. Wearing such articles of clothing in the wrong manner can spoil the mood of the celebration and you may end up in a very embarrassing situation. Therefore, don’t wear such articles of clothing while saying celebration greetings.


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