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Huang Yiliang Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Huang Yiliang is a Chinese American actor known most notably for his role as Huang Xiaoming on Huang Xiong’s Kung Fu series. Huang Yiliang grew up in Southern China. As a child he was said to have been frequently picked on for being “fellow Chinese.” It appears that this led Huang to develop a strong sense of identity and an interest in acting. It is this interest in acting that has led Huang Yiliang to make movies such as Romance, Waterfront, and Kung Fu. He has also spent time studying martial arts with Sang H. Doo.

Huang Yiliang’s first professional acting job was in the soap opera industry in Singapore in the early 1970s. In these shows, Huang Yiliang plays the role of the villain, Huang Yiliang Noi. Huang Yiliang is well known in Singapore as the singer of the slow paced, heavy metal scream song, Bangla Desh, which he used in the music video for the song, and as the metal scraper in the TV sitcom, Tai Baa Doo. The accent of Huang Yiliang is very strong in Mandarin and is said to have brought about his strong resemblance to the original character, Huang Xiaoming. Huang Xiaoming is also a famous Chinese character from the same series as Huang Yiliang.

Huang Yiliang played a particularly dangerous character in one of his early shows, called the Bangladeshi worker. This character was tasked with harvesting organs from living victims, without killing them. Huang Yiliang’s character was accused of this heinous act because he did not want to get in trouble for Harvesting organs without killing anyone. Huang Yiliang was arrested and given a two year suspended sentence. Because the show was filmed on a small budget, Huang Yiliang thought that his suspension was unfair and felt that he had been unfairly selected as the star of the show.

The Huang Yiliang’s main role in this show was to be the good sonorous metal scraper who would go on a mission, usually from China to the Philippines to serve the country of Singapore, to harvest organs from living victims. Huang Yiliang’s character is not only a hero to the audiences, but is also well liked by the directors of the show, as he exudes a sense of strength, and the determination to keep his fellow crew members safe. In one episode, for example, Huang Yiliang faces off against some armed terrorists who want to rob him. Huang Yiliang uses his metal scraper to beat the terrorists, and later on, during a shoot out with the enemy, he uses the same metal scraper to deflect a rocket aimed at his helicopter gunner.

Popular As Chantalle Ng
Occupation TV Actress
Age 24 years old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Born June 17, 1995 (Singapore)
Birthday June 17
Town/City Singapore

Huang Yiliang had also been in some films before making this popular television series. Some of these films are Legend of Huang Yiliang: Hong Kong’s Mightiest Hero, released in 1998, and Hung Ca Kuek Soon, which was later made into a feature film. It must have been a difficult decision for Huang Yiliang to choose between these two films. The former was about an orphan from Hong Kong who becomes a masked avenger fighting villains; while the latter depicts Huang Yiliang in a heroic role. Both films are successful in their own ways. Legend of Huang Yiliang is an amazing action film, while Hung Ca Kuek Soon is a great Chinese story.

Physical Status
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Huang Yiliang finally received his breakthrough role in 1997 in the film Hong Kong: It’s a Wonderful Life, alongside Chow Yun-Kung. Although Hong Kong: It’s a Wonderful Life was not a hit, it did introduce the character of Huang Yiliang to the world. Throughout the following years, Huang Yiliang went through several stints in different movies and finally settled into a role as a supporting actor in award-winning films. He then became popular as the comedy actor known as Yip Man. The third part of his career, his role in Mulan, finally elevated him to the level of being called a comedy actor by many critics.

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