IBN Sina Hospital Address, Contact, Appointment & Doctors List

IBN Sina Hospital All Branch location, Phone Number, Doctors list and everything is available here. In the world, medical treatment has become one of the most crucial needs of the people. The procedure is available, but in most cases, it is beyond ordinary people’s affordability. In this case, poor people suffer a lot to get proper. When the world scenario is like that, then IBN Sina is making a significant contribution to the medical history of Bangladesh. They are providing better treatment at a low cost, which is in the boundary of poor people’s capability. Moreover, the service of this Hospital has gained massive attention from the patients. You know what, in this Hospital, you can get a tremendous amount of equipment to diagnose your diseases and make you cured entirely.

To serve humanity as a whole with this noble vision the Ibn Sina Trust started its journey in June 1980. The trust has agreed upon to provide health care service to the people of Bangladesh at an affordable cost. They have written this on their Official Website. So, you can know everything of IBN Sina Hospital Address, Branches, Contact Number, Email Address, and everything.

IBN Sina Hospital

You know, this Hospital belongs to IBN Sina’s trust. They have formed this medical institution in June 1980. Since then, this incredible institution has been serving people with great effort. The main attraction of the Hospital is having all kinds of equipment availability. These are so essential to find the exact condition of the patients and treat them in the same way. The building of this Hospital is ten storied and can afford to give room for 600 patients at a time. Besides, the capacity of the operation is tremendous and very efficient as well.

Address and Location

We have seen that most of the famous hospitals have got a place in Dhanmondi locality. It is because the area is quite the middle of the city and comfortable for the people who can reach here from every corner of Dhaka. The exact address of his Hospital is House #68, Road #15/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh. You will quickly reach there with any vehicle.

House # 48, Road # 9/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209
10615 (from any mobile in Bangladesh)
+88 09610010615 (from any phone, anywhere)

Core Facilities of IBN Sina Hospital

Intending to serve the people, IBN Sina Hospital has put all its effort into gathering all the modern facilities in this Hospital. The thing which will attract you most is that this Hospital has got many sections to serve the patients. Besides, the IBN Sina group has established various health-related institutes to facilitate the medical service. In this way, this Hospital has become one of the most efficient health institutions in Bangladesh. You know what; the facilities are the key to provide the best treatment to the patients. Let’s have a look at the following section showing the core facilities of IBN Sina Hospital.

Diagnosis Lab

The first thing which comes in our mind while talking about the facilities of IBN Sina Hospital is its diagnosis. You know what; this Hospital is very much familiar to the people because of the world-class diagnosis labs. You can find lots of diagnosis labs all over the country. The authority of this Hospital believes that properly diagnosis the disease is the prime step to cure the patient. That is why; they have established numerous diagnosis labs across the country. In this way, people can easily make a test of their health issues based on the recommendation of their appointed doctors.

Blood Bank

Among the few, this Hospital has got separated blood bank. It is quite rare in the Hospital of Bangladesh. That is why we often see that they always keep contact with the blood donors and collect types of blood from them regularly. Besides, the authority of this Hospital has arranged a modern lab to collect various important cells that form the plasma. Sometimes, these cells use for the treatment of the different types of diseases.

Ambulance Facility

You can get an ambulance based on your needs in every big city of Bangladesh. It is because the branches of this Hospital are available in all most every large town in this country. The authority of this Hospital is quite efficient in arranging the best ambulance service in comparison with other modern Hospitals. Besides, you should store in mind that the cost of these ambulances is not much. So, you can be worry-free about the expense.

Tele-care Facility

The most crucial feature of this Hospital is the Tele-care system. The IBN Sina authority is the pioneer to bring this kind of service in this country. As a patient, you can take medical advice from the doctors by sitting at your home. That means you will not need to go to the institute to meet with the doctors. In this way, you will be worthy of saving your time and cost as well. Besides, patients have the scope to consult with foreign doctors about their health using this facility.


It has got a massive facility for the patients. You can find that in this institute, there are approximately 600 beds for the patient. Among these beds, most are available with modern facilities like air conditions, oxygen cylinders, and many more. Besides, you will get a well-equipped washroom along with these beds. So, every facility will accelerate your treatment to get well.

Well Trained Staff

Now, it is time to introduce you to the well-trained staff of this Hospital. You know what; the management has gathered efficient crews to make its administration who are quite capable of providing the best service. Besides, these staffs get training on several courses to be more efficient and effective. In this way, they have become more capable of ensuring the quality of the services.

IBN Sina Hospital Contact and Hotline

Let’s have a look at the following information to contact and make an appointment. We hope the details will be beneficial for you to get excellent service.

Branch List of IBN Sina Hospital (Address & Contact)

Here, We have added All Branches of IBN Sina Hospital with Contact Information. It is very important to you. Just See the Branch list and find out your nearest Branch of IBN Sina Hospital. All information which available here. So, check details of the IBN Sina Branch you want to visit.

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Imaging Center, Dhanmondi

House 48, Road 9/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209

+88 02 9126625-6, +8801717-351631, +880 1844-141708

Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi

House #68, Road #15/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

For Patient’s Serial, Test and Report: phone: 55029101-9

Reception: 01823039800

Cardiac Service: 01771241673

Customer Care: 01824666536

Emergency: 01766633012

Momota (Gynae): 01817144611

ICU: 01817144612

CCU: 01775918016

Ibn Sina Medical Imaging Center, Zigatola

House #58, Road 2#A, Dhaka

Phone: 58613596,58613597,58613598, 9666497, 9663289. Mobile: 01711625173

IBN SINA Medical College Hospital, Kallyanpur

1/1, Mirpur Road, Kallyanpur, Dhaka.

Phone No. of Serial/ Information & Customer Service: 9010396,9005617,8091332,8091334-6. Serial /Information Mobile No. 01703-725590

Email: ismchoffice@gmail.com

Ibn Sina D.Lab & Consultation Center, Doyagonj

28, Doyagonj (Hut lane),Gandaria, Dhaka-1204.

Phone No.02-47118925,02-47118927,02-47118528

Mobile No.01878115751, 01878115752, 01817141191, 01799444422

Hot Line: 10615. Contact Time: 07 AM to 11 PM.

Sample collection home service- 01841211162

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Badda

Cha-72/1, Progoti Soroni, Uttar Badda, Dhaka, 1212.

For Patient’s Serial, Test & Report: 8833264-5, 8835556-7, 01844022228, 01832820950

Customer Service: 01844022229 Contact Time: 07 AM to 11 PM.

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Uttara

House #52, Garib-E-Newaz Avenue, Sector # 13, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.

Phone: 02-48953932, 02-48953961, 01841-121416, 01841-161820 Hot Line: 01798638300

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Lalbagh Ltd.

27/4 Dhakeshwori Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka-1211

For Serial: 01783 356048, 01842 356048, 9634641-5

Pharmacy: 01955 276098

Customer Service : 01784 382464, 01842 382464

Email: ibnsinalalbagh@gmail.com

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Jessore

Besides of 250 Badded General Hospital, Main Road, Doratana, Jessore

House: 68, Jail Road, Daratana, Ghop, Jessore (11 storied Building)

Phone : 0421 60070, 0421 60071

Customer Service : 01706 363640, 01706 363641

Email: jessore.dlab@ibnsinatrust.com

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center Bogura

House # 1103/1116, Kanojgari, Sherpur Road, Bogura Sadar, Bogura.

For Serial : ( Phone : 051-69360, 051-69460 ),( Cell No. 01701-560011, 01701-560012 & 01991-980546 )

Email: ibnsinabogra@gmail.com

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Malibagh

House # 479, Dit Road (Near Malibagh Rail Gate ) Malibagh, Dhaka-1217

Mobile Number: 01844141718, 01844141717

Telephone: 02-58315770

Email: ibnsinamalibagh@gmail.com

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Mirpur

House # 11, Haji Road, Avenue 3, Rupnagar, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216

Phone # 02-58051251-5

For Serial : (01847262996, 01847262998)

Customer Service:01847262997

Email: ibnsinamirpur@gmail.com

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Savar

House # B, 31/6 Jaleshwar, Aricha Road, Savar, Dhaka-1340.

Phone: 02 7745255-59

For Serial : (01844141715, 01784188708)

Customer Service: (01759728194), Contact Time: 08 AM to 10 PM.

Email: ibnsinasavar@gmail.com.

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Chattogram

House #12/A Road #02, Katalganj, Panchlaish, Chattogram

Phone: 031-2555151-4

Email: ibnsinactg18@gmail.com

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center, Keraniganj Ltd.

House # Maa Plaza, Kadomtoli Mor, Zinzira, Keranijanj, Dhaka-1310

Phone: +88-02-7763164-68

Mobile: +88-01730599171-74

Email: ibnsinakeraniganj@gmail.com

IBN Sina Hospital Appointment

You can have a meeting with the desired doctors by dialing the following numbers. One of the Executives will respond to you shortly.

IBN Sina Hospital Doctor’s List & Profile

Ibn Sina Hospital’s authority has made a flow of expert doctors to treat people with proper care. Let’s have a glance at the list of the doctors with details.

  1. Professor Dr. Md. Latif Kabir

Expertise: Medicine

Schedule Time: 6 PM-9 PM

Closed Day:  NO off day

Level Number: 2nd and  Chamber Number: 315

  1. Professor Dr. Mohammad Zohir

Expertise: Medicine

Schedule Time: 6 PM -9 PM

Closed Day: Thu & Friday Closed

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 309

  1. Sohail Mahmud Arafat

Expertise: Medicine

Schedule Time: 4.30 PM – 9 PM

Closed Day: Tue & Friday Closed

Level Number: 3rd, Chamber Number: 415,416

  1. A.R Khan

Expertise: Medicine

Schedule Time: 10.00AM- 1.00PM Friday 6.00pm -8.00PM

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 322

  1. Md. Ayub Ali Chowdhury

Expertise: Medicine and Nephrology

Schedule Time: 4 PM -10 PM and Friday 9 AM-12 PM

Level Number: 3rd, Chamber Number: 401,402

  1. Ahmed Manadir Hossain

Expertise: Medicine

Schedule Time: 5.30 PM – 8.00 PM (Closed Day: Only Friday Open)

Level Number: 3rd, Chamber Number: 414

  1. Md. Ferdous Khan

Qualification: MBBS, D Card (BSMMU), MRCP (UK)

Schedule Time: 7 PM-9.30 PM

Close Day: Only Friday

Specialization: Medicine

  1. Sakina Anwar

Expertise: Internal Medicine

Schedule Time: 7.00 – 9.00 PM (Closed Day: Friday)

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 303

  1. Dr. M. Touhidul Haque

Expertise: Cardiology

Schedule Time: 5.00 PM -9.00 PM (Saturday to Thursday) (Friday 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM)

Level Number: 3rd (IPD), Chamber Number: 402

  1. (Rtd.) Prof.Dr.Zehad Khan

Expertise: Cardiology

Schedule Time: 8.30 PM— 9.30 PM (Closed Day: Friday Closed)

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 316

  1. Md.Monsurul Haque

Expertise: Cardiology

Schedule Time: 5.00 PM -9.00 PM (Closed Day: Friday Closed)

Level Number: 3rd, Chamber Number: 424

  1. Sufia Jannat

Expertise: Cardiology

Schedule Time: 6.00 PM -9.00 PM (Friday & Monday Closed)

Level Number: 3rd, Chamber Number: 414

  1. Dr. S M. Siddiqur Rahman

Expertise: Interventional & Clinical Cardiology

Schedule Time: 6.00 PM to 8.30 PM Closed Day: Wed, Friday & Govt. Holidays

Level Number: 4th, Chamber Number: 509

  1. Md. Shafiqur Rahman Patwary

Expertise: Cardiology & Medicine

Schedule Time: 1.30 PM – 3.00 PM (Closed Day: Friday)

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 319

  1. M. Delwar Hossain

Expertise: Pulmonology & Medicine

Schedule Time: 10AM-1PM & 7PM- 9PM

Closed Day: Thursday, Friday & Saturday Open

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 316

  1. Dr. Mirza Mohammad Hiron

Expertise: Specialist in Medicine & Pulmonologist

Schedule Time: 7.00 PM -9.00 PM (Thursday 6.00 PM -8.00 PM) Closed Day: Friday

Level Number: 3rd, Chamber Number: 422

  1. Professor Dr. Mohammad Rofiqul Islam

Expertise: Chest (Respiratory Medicine) Specialist

Schedule Time: 6.30 PM -8.30 PM (Closed Day: Friday & Govt. Holiday)

Level Number: 4th (IPD), Chamber Number: 503 (IPD)

  1. Professor Dr. Jhunu Shamsun Nahar

Expertise: Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

Schedule Time: 6.00 PM -9.00 PM

Closed Day: Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday open

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 321

  1. Dr. AHM Mustafizur Rahman

Expertise: Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

Schedule Time: 11.00 AM -1.00 PM (Thursday & Friday Closed)

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 321

  1. Gen. Prof. Md. Saidur Rahman (Retd.)

Expertise: General Surgery

Schedule Time: 6 PM – 8 PM (Friday Closed)

Level Number: 3rd, Chamber Number: 417

  1. Gen. (Retd) Prof. Dr. Zafrullah Siddiq

Expertise: General Surgery

Schedule Time: 10 AM – 1 PM (Friday Closed)

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 309

  1. Tahmina Satter

Expertise: General & Plastic Surgery

Schedule Time: 4.00 PM -7.00 PM Closed Day: Mon, Thurs & Friday Closed

Level Number: 2nd, Chamber Number: 314

  1. Wakil Ahmed

Expertise: Orthopaedic Surgery (Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement)

Schedule Time: 7.00 PM -10.00 PM (Thursday & Friday)

Level Number: 3rd (IPD) Chamber Number: 401

Many decades have passed since IBN Sina Hospital is serving the nation with a great atmosphere. The capability of this Hospital is beyond any doubt. Every patient treats here equally. You know, the fact is the way they treat their patient. In this case, you can rank this Hospital as the number one in Bangladesh. Besides, the facilities of this Hospital are quite fantastic. It removes the trend to get medical treatment from abroad. So, in every aspect, this Hospital is a blessing for this country.

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