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InquisitorMaster Age, Height, Net Worth, Weight, Family, Biography, Married, Boyfriend

InquisitorMaster Age, Height, Net Worth

InquisitorMaster is part of a long-lasting relationship with YouTube personality, YouTuber, Zachary Todd. The two began dating on 14 October 2023. InquisitorMaster was made by the talented Patrick Lee. If you like this fan-made fanfiction then go check out InquisitorMaster: Bio and The Making of InquisitorMaster.

InquisitorMaster has been compared to The Inquisitor from the popular massively-multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft (commonly known as World of Warcraft). Though there’s no direct comparison, the games share many things, including the narrative, the theme, the setting, the characters, and, of course, the main character – The Inquisitor. In contrast to the protagonist in the World of Warcraft, Zachary (you’ll know him better as Inquisitor), in InquisitorMaster has a secret life as a social media star. His real name is John. John is a thirty-something year old retired computer technician living in Manhattan. One morning, when he’s supposed to meet his girlfriend for breakfast, he gets an unexpected call from his best friend who tells him that his girlfriend has been calling him for the last ten minutes, that she wants to talk to him.

Now, what does InquisitorMaster have in common with a real-life boyfriend? InquisitorMaster has a very cool “eye patch” which can be removed to reveal the eyes underneath. The InquisitorMaster age bio description reveals that he has brown hair, brown eyes, and a short haircut. There’s also a robox motorbike sticker on the rear.

Short Profile
First Name InquisitorMaster
Profession YouTube Star
Age 25 years old
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Date May 1, 1994
Birth Place United States
Country United States

Some InquisitorMaster facts that you should be aware of are the InquisitorMaster age bio, which says he is a retired computer technician living in Manhattan. It also mentions that he is a member of the “Cyber Club”, which is a networking society of hackers, social media gurus, and social media fans. The Cyber Club is named after a real place in New York City. In this real place there is a statue of liberty that is guarded by what looks like an Inquisitor robot.

The InquisitorMaster Birth Sign is a red swirl circling close to his eye, if you look closely. If you look very carefully you can see that his birth sign is a very busy yellow circle. On his Facebook page his profile shows that he is into social media marketing and dating, which match his real name. His real name is not John, but rather Inquisitor. If you look at his InquisitorMasterNet worth page, which is a Facebook profile that people can get to see if they are friends with him, you can see that InquisitorMaster has a net worth of around $600 US.

Now, this is all well and good, but it is still important that we determine whether or not InquisitorMaster the real John is a fraud or if this is a person we might want to be friends with. So we go back online to take a look at some of the profiles that we find that having InquisitorMaster’s real name. Most of these profiles have nothing but pictures of John; in fact, most of the profiles are only photographs. The real name is only posted under “Inquisitormaster” which is the username on his Facebook account.