International Literacy Day 2023 Theme, Activities, Status, Quotes

Today is September 8th and International Literacy Day 2023. And yes, today is the day that UNESCO recognizes this day as an International Literacy Day in its general session. This was the UNESCO 14th General Meeting. It celebrates on October 26th, in 1966. This is the first time the UNESCO Cuticle has recognized International Signature Day.

Every year August 8th, this day celebrates with great enthusiasm. It celebrates internationally to increase the literacy rate of governments, states, societies, and nations. This day works to illustrate the importance of literacy among people, communities, and people in the community.

International Literacy Day 2023

We can all understand the illusion that illiteracy is a real threat to the entire nation. But, in the course of our lives, we need to expose various types of government activities. There we get involved in different types of land and other businesses. As a result, education and literacy are intimately involved in these activities. Only if you want to participate in the national identity card, but at least have the ability to write your name.

So we can say that the importance of literacy in the life of a person is immense. There is no denying the importance of signatures in the communal courtyard. The need for literacy is immense in society. You may be surprised to know that the study shows that there are still 775 million adults who lack literacy.

Where 1 out of 5 people is not yet educated. A UNESCO Globe Monitoring Report found the average literacy rate among adults in the lower regional countries of South Asia is 59% (approximately). Saharan has 60% (approx.). Burkina Faso accounts for 12% (approximately). Niger accounts for 15% (about).

In countries with illiteracy and deadly poverty, there is a link between the illiteracy of women and the apparent superstition. However, the authors are contributing in various ways to raise awareness about illiteracy. They support UNESCO through the Literacy for Literacy Knowledge Initiative.

Along with the writers, various organizations are also raising awareness against illiteracy. The Global Development Recharge Center has been supporting International Literacy Day for a long time. Also, Montblanc and Rotary International are supporting. We should all celebrate this International Signature Day. Let us try to make this day memorable to the world by making small contributions. So, I especially hope that we will strive to achieve our goals and win.

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