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International Programmers’ Day is not a public holiday, it celebrates the positive changes made by the programmers. On the 256th day of the year is observed as the Day of Programmers. Computers, technology, and software make our daily life easier. Programmers made software to make our PC more compatible to use.

The day honors the programmers around the world. It is a professional holiday. The public life is the same on this day as usual. Thanks to the programmers for giving us the Security of data, protection, design, innovation, etc. All the programmers of the world celebrate this day.

When is Programmers’ Day in 2023?

International Programmers Day is observed around the world on the 7th of January. Also, there are many programmers who celebrate this day on the 13th of September in a normal year, 12th of September in a leap year. In 2023, the Day of the Programmers’ will observe on 12 September 2023.

History of the International Programmers’ Day

In 2002, two Russian Programmers Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov from Parallel Technology collected the signatures with a hope that the Russian government would declare the day of the Programmers. In 2009, the President of the Russian Dimitry Medvedev (now Prime Minister) declared the 256th day of the year as the Programmers day.

The Day of the Programmers’ Celebration

On this day every one greets programmers by commenting “Happy Programmer’s Day”. Programmers with other programmers on online forums and social media. If you have an interest in programming this is the perfect day to start it. And share your experience on social media with #DayoftheProgrammer.

Programmer’s day 2019 Quotes, Images, Wishes, Pictures, Messages, Photos, Greetings

  • Can you still believe it? A day just for you coders. Wishing you a Happy Programmer’s Day.
  • Solving problems aren’t easy, but solving the ones that can’t be seen by everybody is what makes a programmer. Best wishes to you on this Programmer’s Day.
  • Since the greeting card manufacturers are unaware. Here’s me, wishing you a lovely and a Happy Programmer’s Day.
  • Eat, sleep, code, and repeat! I just described a typical day of a programmer. A Happy Programmer’s Day to these legends.
  • Happy 256th Day of the year or some would say a Happy Programmer’s Day to you.
  • 70% reading and 30% coding is how a programmer spends its day. Wishing nothing but more strength to their eyes, minds and hands on this Programmer’s Day.
  • While being alive, we eat, we play, we enjoy and most importantly we code. Happy Programmer’s Day to every coder out there.
  • Function (WAKE UP) Start: (GET OUT OF BED) Function: (SKIP BREAKFAST) Start: (WORK). This is what programmers do every day. A happy Programmer’s Day you legends.
  • Print f (“Happy Programmer’s Day”) to everyone. A programmer would understand that.
  • For some programmers, it’s not about the money. Programming is fun for them. Wishing you a lot of fun days ahead on the eve of Programmer’s Day.
  • Programmers shouldn’t keep calm today because it’s the day of the coders. A happy Programmer’s Day to every developers and coder out there.
  • May the force of Babbage and Grace Hopper be with you. A lovely Programmer’s Day to you.
  • Programming is not typing but thinking. Happy Programmer’s Day to these hardworking individuals.

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