International Volunteers Day 2023 Theme, Activities, History, Ways to celebrate

International Volunteers Day 2023! International Volunteer Day is 5th December. This day celebrates for economic and social development. IVD is a global festival of Volunteers. Every year 5th December celebrates all volunteers around in the World. This day highlights the impact of volunteer efforts Everywhere.

Volunteers work everywhere at all levels, including economic, social, and global. And I think they can change our World. Volunteers take many actions to make this World much better than before. So we think they gave us peace of the World. The volunteer’s number of worldwide is more than a billion. Do you have any idea about this! At present people get alert, and they also alert to Illiterate people.

International Volunteers Day

So, we need more Awareness with all places. We thing before people can not change this World. People destroyed this World. Bit there are many people available to save our World. They protect our lives and give Awareness to us. In 1985 the United Nations was designated as an international observance day.

So, I think this day made many opportunities for volunteers and volunteer organizations. If you want help from other people, Then you are a volunteer from the World. No need for an organization.

But when you joined an organization, you give Awareness to lots of people. And they took your concept. They are not avoiding you, If you are only one person, and go there and give Awareness, they have confused. So, I joined an organization. You can get a lot of training. How to people give Awareness, How to save our society, How to protect our global. And many more.

International Volunteers Day 2023

So first make a community or joining a community. In this modern world, you can do this also online platform. At present people used online so much. So there are many social media available, you choose one and Promot the right thing. When people get from your correct information, they thought you are a trusted person. And you or your organization can get many Awareness projects.

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