Muharram 2023: Islamic New Year Message Images, Quotes and Wishes

Muharram 2023. Islamic New Year is a time of celebration and excitement in the Muslim world. On this day, which falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to sunset, as it is regarded as the start of Ramadan. Across the globe, millions take part in this special fasting, which marks the end of Hajj Month and the start of the holy Islamic New Year. Here are some of the best Islamic New Year Message options to get people excited about celebrating this auspicious occasion and sending them an Islamic New Year Message during the fast.

Islamic New Year Message status – What better way to wish others on Islamic New Year than sending them an Islamic New Year Message? This is the best Islamic New Year Message option to send to loved ones, friends and relatives during the Islamic month of Ramadan. With this application, you can easily create a status update, with photos included, which can be sent to anyone on the Islamic continent, no matter where they are located. Moreover, it offers free photo uploading too. With a simple click of the mouse, Islamic New Year Message status can be created and shared among friends.

Islamic New Year Message

Islamic New Year Message toast – A traditional Islamic New Year Message takes the form of a prayer or dawah. It usually consists of the mention of Allah, as well as verses from the Holy Quran. Toasts may be made by addressing people via mobile phones and social networking sites like Facebook. For those who would like to make their own Islamic New Year toast, a photo can be uploaded onto the whatsapp messaging read list, along with a short prayer or a few words to go with the picture.

  • May this New Year usher in a new dawn, new hope, peace, joy and happiness. Happy Islamic Hijri New Year to you.
  • A very Happy Islamic Hijri New Year to you and your loved ones.
  • This Islamic Hijri New Year, let us hope for a bright, peaceful and healthy future.
  • Here’s extending my warm wishes to you and your family on the auspicious day of Islamic Hijri New Year
  • On the auspicious occasion of Islamic Hijri New Year, here’s sending my warm greetings to you and your family.
  • Here’s hoping that the New Year Day brings along with it a new ray of hope. May there be peace and goodness all around. Happy Islamic Hijri New Year.

Islamic New Year Images

Islamic New Year greetings – This Islamic New Year greeting card features a picture of the Baitul Maqdis, or Bad Muhiyad, the holy figure who flies across the sky at the beginning of Islam. The text of the card simply states Happy New Year to everyone and wishes everyone a happy new year. Islamic New Year greetings may be sent via SMS and e-mails. One can also print these cards and deliver them to friends and relatives. To do so, one sends the card or upload it to an online printer, and select the desired design format. The printing company then delivers the printed Islamic New Year greetings to the recipient.

Islamic New Year 3
Islamic New Year
Islamic New Year 2
Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year Quotes

Islamic New Year greetings cards – The Islamic New Year card is another popular choice among Muslims around the world. It is designed to depict the first day of the Islamic New Year, which in some areas of the world is celebrated as the hijri year. Islamic New Year celebrations are celebrated with all sorts of grand events like trading, garden ornaments, gift giving, and hunting. It is also the time for giving blessings to the families, relatives, and friends, as well as offering thanks to Allah, the One Who brings happiness and honor to every human being.

  1. Happy Hijri New Year! May the doors of Heaven remain open for granting us mercy and blessings!
  2. Have a blessed Islamic New Year! May this Muharram strengthens our faith in new beginnings!
  3. Happy Hijri New Year! I hope we can enter this year with solidified beliefs and strong faith!
  4. Happy Hijri New Year! May we be blessed with inner peace, piety, and devotion towards Allah!
  5. Wishing you a Happy Muharram! May Allah protects the Muslim Ummah from all evil and harm!

Islamic New Year Wishes

Islamic New Year Celebration is the time to express love, blessings, and thanks to our family, friends, relatives, and friends. It is a time to spread the knowledge of the true Islamic teachings of “Quran and Sunnah” through verbal and written communication. In fact, Islamic New Year is the most awaited occasion, where Muslims worldwide come together and spread their joyous greetings to each other. The main aim of the Islamic New Year Celebration is to spread the knowledge about “Fitna” or universal Islamic religion, and build unity amongst the people of the Islamic world. Through “Fitna” one will be able to find lasting peace, security, prosperity, and abundance for himself and his loved ones.

  1. Wishing a blissful Muharram to my religious friends and family members! Stay blessed!
  2. Happy Islamic New Year to you all! May you keep finding more reasons to be grateful towards Allah’s abundant blessing every day!
  3. Happy Muharram! Praying that you can become Allah’s favorite servant through sincere prayers!
  4. May you find the strength in your heart to lead your life according to Islamic regulations and Allah’s direction! Happy Hijri New Year!
  5. Happy Islamic New Year to my friends and family! I hope you keep remembering Allah in all your deeds and duties!

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