Islamic New Year (Muharram 2023) Wishes Message Images, Quotes

Islamic New Year 2023 is on the 8th day of Ramadan and marks the end of the fasting period. On that day, people around the globe join others in breaking their fast. It is considered to be the dawn of wisdom for Muslims all over the world. If you are one among those who wish to observe Islamic New Year, here is a list of things you can do this year:

Send Islamic New Year wishes to friends, relatives to start of the Islamic month of Ramadan. You can also send Islamic New Year wishes to anyone who is fasting on that day. You can also share your love and greetings to all those who have departed. Islamic New Year greetings are commonly sent via e-cards, emails or text messages.

Make a donation to any Islamic charity to help in providing basic needs and Islamic charities provide a host of services for the poor, needy and neglected. Islamic New Year is a time for Muslims to come together and share happiness and cheerfulness. Islamic New Year Celebrations are considered to be a time for blessing and peace. Sending Islamic New Year wishes and Islamic New Year messages are considered to be a way of wishing people and spreading happiness and peace all around.

Islamic New Year Wishes

You can start Islamic New Year with the first Friday of the Islamic month of Ramadan. This is considered to be the dawn of wisdom for all Muslims all over the world. The first Islamic New Year may also mark the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions. One can send Islamic New Year wishes and greetings to his loved ones and wish them happy new year.

  • May the beginning of the Islamic New Year brings you more opportunities to prosper and progress! Happy Hijri New Year!
  • Wishing you all a prosperous and blessed new year! Have a truly successful year ahead!
  • Happy Hijri New Year to the Muslim community! Let us start Hijri 1443 AH by reflecting on ourselves and seeking mercy for our sins!

Islamic New Year Message

Islamic New Year celebrates all the different Islamic religious festivals and also marks the end of Ramadan, which is a sacred Islamic holy month. The best time to break fast is from the dawn of Ramzan till the end of Muharram, which is a month of joy and celebration. During this time millions of Muslims all over the world take part in the Islamic ritual of breaking fast. Sending Islamic New Year wishes and Muslim New Year greetings to their loved ones in Pakistan and India is one way of spreading the happiness and joy in the home and in the family.

  1. Happy Islamic New Year to all! Sincerely praying that we never fall into the evil’s grasp and give in to our temptations for sinning!
  2. May we have another glorious, blissful, and flourishing Islamic New Year ahead! Have a peaceful and blessed Muharram!
  3. Happy Muharram to my brothers and sisters! I Hope Allah’s blessings and Heaven’s fortune will accompany us throughout the year!
  4. Happy Islamic New Year! May this year lead you to live as a pious, faithful, and devoted Muslim!
  5. Wishing you a happy and blessed Muharram! I pray for your abundant fortune and peace!

Islamic New Year Quotes

Muslim families in Pakistan and India send their loved ones Eid greetings, happy Islamic New Year renews and wishes for a healthy and a productive new year ahead. Sending Islamic New Year greetings to one’s family members on Eid will help them to have a balanced and a healthy family life. With the advent of Internet, sending family Islamic New Year wishes has become easier and there are many online Islamic sites that offer free Islamic New Year greetings. There are also many online Islamic sites where you can order some traditional greeting cards and send these to your family members at the time of Eid or New Year. You may send traditional or modern Islamic cards to any part of the world and even to other Islamic countries too.

  • Happy Islamic New Year! May you live by the guidance of the Prophet and Holy Quran!
  • Happy Hijri New Year! May we be blessed with inner peace, piety, and devotion towards Allah!
  • Wishing you a Happy Muharram! May Allah protects the Muslim Ummah from all evil and harm!


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