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Jacinda Barrett Biography, Facts & Life Story

Jacinda Barrett is known for her stunning looks and the family fun loving personality that she has. Jacinda Barrett’s career has spanned the ages and her years range from as young as thirteen to forty. Jacinda Barrett has been an actress, model, writer, speaker and even an entrepreneur. Jacinda Barrett trivia will show that Jacinda has been in the public spotlight for a long time.

FULL NAME:Giacinta Juanita Cordelia Arabella Luciana Rosalina Barrett



AGE:48 years old (in 2021)

DATE OF BIRTH:August 2, 1972

BIRTHPLACE:Brisbane, Australia

HEIGHT:5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)

WEIGHT:55 kg (121 lbs)

BODY MEASUREMENTS:30-23-33 inches


WAIST:23 inches

HIPS:33 inches



HAIR COLOR:Brown Light

EYE COLOR:Brown Dark

Jacinda Barrett’s career started when she was cast as Miriam in The Secret. Jacinda later went on to play the role of Elphira in the sequel, The Golden Compass. Jacinda Barrett is the latest guest star added to the cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Jacinda has been interviewed on Access Hollywood and in People magazine. Jacinda has also been a cast member of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s spin off TV show, Once Dead.

Jacinda Barrett’s most impressive feature is her personal life. Jacinda has been married to Mario Serra in the past and they have three children. Mario is a famous singer and photographer and Jacinda has been linked to the musician since they were a teenager in the seventies. As of now, the couple is happily on good terms and remain friendly with each other. Jacinda’s estimated net worth is between forty and fifty million and her assets are also spread among her children.

Jacinda Barrett trivia will show that her daughter, Rachael, left the family to pursue a career in show business while her son, Evan, pursued his acting career in London. The two are now estranged and their relationship is on the rocks. In one scene from the legal drama Jacinda catches her son trying to set fire to a birthday cake. This is a reference to one of the events in the novel where Evan tries to burn his mother’s house down.

Jacinda has played a pivotal role in some of the most popular television shows and movies over the last few years including ER, Psych, Chuck and Weeds. Jacinda Barrett was recently nominated for an Academy Award for her supporting role in the film Edward Scissorhands. Jacinda’s other credits include Graceland, Diner, Mom, Brides and Finding Nemo. Jacinda is known to work in conjunction with famed fashion designer Mario Moretti. Mario is also said to consult Jacinda whenever it comes to choosing a shoe size for her children.

Jacinda Barrett is currently filming the second season of her hit sitcom, Dad’s Army. You can check out the official website for more details about the show and Jacinda Barrett’s net worth. Jacinda is also very involved in philanthropic activities. She is a major contributor to the Save the Children’s charities in South Africa. You can follow the latest updates on her web portal at jacinda Barrett.

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