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Jamie Dornan is an Irish actor, singer and dancer best known for his roles in movies. Jamie Dornan trivia will show that he has been known as Jamie Dornan for many years. Jamie Dornan became famous in films such as ‘A Better Man’, ‘The Damned United’, ‘A Few Good Men’ and ‘The Prophecy’ among other movies. Jamie Dornan is well known for his dramatic roles and that led him to an acting career that spanned four decades.

Jamie Dornan trivia will show that Jamie Dornan attended several high schools in northern Ireland before earning a degree in drama at St. Joseph’s College, University of Limerick. For further higher studies, he went to Teesside University, but did not end up being adropped out. Instead he pursued modeling, acting or worked as a dancer until he was 24. After that he landed a role on the television series as an alcoholic son of a barmaid in a popular British sitcom, before landing a role on a national TV show in which he played a sadistic villain. Jamie Dornan trivia will show that he did go back to acting though, and in the nineties he again made an excellent feature film where he starred alongside Sean Connery.

Jamie Dornan’s first and most significant musical influence was the acoustic rock band of the same name. Their song, “Sally’s Little Shovel”, became an international hit and was later used by The Rolling Stones. The band also appeared on a number of other recordings and Jamie Dornan may have even performed with them. Dornan’s first and very famous guitar role was in the movie version of “Frosty the Snowman” and he had a small part in the movie version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as well. It is estimated that Jamie Dornan’s net worth is in the region of one hundred million dollars.

Jamie Dornan is currently active in the following areas of acting, music, modeling and the internet. Dornan has been nominated for Academy Awards and has also won many other awards including the Satellite Awards for his contribution to the internet, as well as Grammys for his work in both acting and music. Jamie Dornan’s other notable credits include guest spots on several songs by the Smashing Pumpkins, and he has also appeared in the movies Meet the Parents and Kung Fu Panda. His net worth is estimated at over three hundred million dollars.

Profile: Jamie Dornan
Age: 38 Years Old
Height: 5ft 11in (181 cm)
Occupation: Actor
Net Worth: US $12 Million
Status: Alive

Jamie Dornan is currently an active participant in a number of activities. He continues to model under the name of Jamie Dornan/ Jamie Dornan and also serves as the face of Wildcards Talent Agency. Dornan’s social media profiles include both personal and professional pictures. It is interesting to speculate what direction Jamie Dornan will be heading in next. It is very possible that he will continue to pursue a career in acting or modeling while concurrently building up his social media and marketing sales businesses.

Jamie Dornan was married to Lisa Marie Presley in 1998 and has three daughters. His wife is quoted as saying that Jamie Dornan is a great dad and that their relationship is healthy. Dornan is reported to have three daughters that are not step mothers. Jamie Dornan is reported to be very close to his three daughters.

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