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Jennifer Morrison Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Jennifer Morrison Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More. Jennifer Morrison was born in Southern California. Her best-known roles are as Mom in the movie “E.T.” She has also been in a number of movies including “The Perfect Score” and “The Firm”

Jennifer Morrison is a popular American actor, actress, producer and former professional child star. Her popular TV series “E.T.” was canceled after the third season, but it was successful enough to earn her six Emmys. She is most well known for her starring role as Dr. Allison Cameron, in the movie “The Firm.”

Jennifer is a graduate of Lincoln University College in IL, where she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her hobbies and favorite things to do involve traveling, dancing and working with people. Jennifer’s family lives in Washington D. C., where Jennifer lives, works and studies. Jennifer’s parents, Jack and Gayle, are proud that Jennifer has reached so far in her career despite their low economic status.

Jennifer’s parents were divorced when she was six years old and she was raised by her grandparents in Washington D. C. Jennifer’s grandparents, who are both deceased, were always there for Jennifer when she needed them and they inspired her to achieve great success in her chosen profession. Jennifer’s parents had four daughters and a son, whom Jennifer adored. Jennifer has said her happiest day in life was when she got to meet her two grandparents. As a child Jennifer often asked her grandparents for advice and on 12 April, she was deeply touched when her grandparents gave her a beautiful rose. This occasion marked the one year anniversary of Jennifer’s separation from her husband, Bob, and one year since her marriage to Larry Geller.

When reading Jennifer Morrison’s bio, it is important to know that she achieved great success in her career as a nurse. In fact, according to Jennifer’s bio, she was “honorary president of the Illinois School Nurses Association.” Jennifer’s achievements as a nurse have earned her many awards and recognition, including the Outstanding Nurse of the Year and the Outstanding Healthcare Provider. Jennifer has worked hard to maintain a positive image, maintaining a slim and fit physique and always looking and acting her best.

Quick Facts About Jennifer Morrison

Full NameJennifer Marie Morrison
BornApril 12th, 1979
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, USA
Zodiac SignAries
NicknameJen, J-mo
Marital StatusUnmarried, Single
Best KnownDr. Allison Cameron (House), Zoey Pierson (How I Met Your Mother)
Sexual OrientationStraight

Jennifer’s greatest assets are her loving heart and her stunning beauty, both of which are reflected in the photographs that display her most recent collection of art, featuring her hair color and eye color. Jennifer has spent the last fifteen years, creating numerous body measurements and profiles, as well as creating numerous portrait paintings, which are housed in several of her private collections. In Jennifer’s bio, it states that she considers herself to be “a creature of the mind/body/spirit.” Jennifer’s impressive body measurements include her bust size of 32F, as well as her hips and thighs, which measure a remarkable forty-two inches on top. Jennifer Morrison’s net worth is listed at over three million dollars, making her one of the youngest self-made millionaires in America and perhaps even the world.

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