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Jenny Agutter Net Worth, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Jenny Agutter is a name that is familiar to millions of people. Jenny was born in USA and raised in South Africa. She became famous as one of the most prolific model and actress of the sixties and seventies, but has had a relatively short career. However, Jenny Agutter still has a strong fan base. Jenny Agutter net worth, age, name, age, height, and wiki!

Jenny Agutter was born in 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her birth date is given as 5 July 1952. Jenny Agutter, nicknamed “Queen” by her family, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and is quoted as saying that she was “very, very unhappy” as a child. Jenny Agutter’s middle name is Queen. In this biography, will find out how old is Jenny Agutter?

Jenny Agutter was an actress and singer in the nineteen forties and early fifties. Some of her more famous roles were in “My Fair Lady”, “Guess Who’s Going To Hawaii” and “My Fair Lady”. Jenny Agutter was married to writer Frank Kern in the late fifties. Frank and Jenny Agutter was one of the most successful marriage pairs in the united states at that time. Her husband died in a plane crash in Florida in 1970. Later in life, she suffered a stroke which left her with paralysis.

An acquaintance of Jenny Agutter stated on the Oprah Winfrey talk show that Jenny was her best friend and always helped her friends when they needed help. Jenny Agutter was born in Cleveland, Ohio in May of 1952. She was given her birth name by her mother when Jenny was three years old. Jenny Agutter was described as having a slightly crooked nose and brown eyes.


Bio / Wiki
Full Name Jenny Agutter
Occupation actress
Age 68
Date of Birth December 20, 1952
Place of Birth Taunton
Star Sign Sagittarius
Country United States
Gender Female


Birthdate 20-Dec
Day of Birth Saturday
Year of Birth 1952
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Birth Sign Duality Assertive
Birth Sign Modality & Element Mutable Fire
Opposite Sign Gemini

Jenny Agutter was an up and coming actress when she was cast in “Guess Who’s Going To Hawaii” in November of 1970. In this film, Jenny Agutter played the role of “Lorelle”, a young woman who traveled to Hawaii with her boyfriend. It was a good role for Jenny Agutter as it allowed her to portray a character that was very different than what she had portrayed in previous films. In the film, Jenny Agutter played the role of a tourist that fell in love with a Waikiki beach bum. This role would prove to be quite different from the character that Jenny Agutter had played in her earlier movies.

Jenny Agutter was an incredibly talented actress and singer. She also managed to attract a considerable following. Jenny Agutter retired from acting in the late seventies. She went on to live a comfortable and happy life in the United States. Jenny Agutter is now in a comfortable and happy position with a net worth of over ten million dollars.


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