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Jesseca Liu is actresses from Hong Kong who was trained as a singer. In her earlier stage of life, she became very popular in the musical group “Zoo Kwang”. However, later on she decided to get into movies and dramas. Her most notable role in the movies is “Misa Pueriles” and “Liu Lanxia”. She went on to also act in television series such as “Laguna Beach”, “Chi Roux” and “MacGyver” among others.

Jesseca Liu first became popular in the world of theatre when she acted in a play about Chinese martial arts. She played the role of a Chinese martial arts expert who was a favorite with the crew on the set of the play. It was this role that brought her to the attention of directors that produce TV drama. At this point in her career, she has had some good success and was nominated for an Oscar for her work in the film “Misa Pueriles”. She was also nominated for the same award in the same year for her role in the play “Laguna Beach”.

Jesseca Liu is well known these days for her acting in a much loved drama series called “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”, which was a spin off of the popular soap opera Laguna Beach. This drama series was one of the most successful TV shows that aired in the wake of the recent cancellation of another popular soap opera, “Beverly Hills 9 seasons ago”. Other roles that she has played in this period include “Chloe on House” for which she gained four Emmy Awards. She also had a recurring role as the teenage babysitter in the popular sitcom “Life’s a beach”.

Popular As Lao Chew Yen(刘秋雁)
Occupation Actress, model
Age 41 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Born 13 February 1979
Birthday 13 February
Birthplace Langkawi, Langkawi, Malaysia
Nationality Malaysian

Jesseca Liu was born in Southern China, where her parents were teachers. She spent most of her early years in the United States as a child. Her birth date is not known but she was given a name by an English nurse while still a small child. Her name is most commonly associated with the Chinese martial arts, though she was also an accomplished actress and singer throughout her life.

Jesseca Liu is currently married to Richard Gerspach and they have two daughters and a son together. Her first book was published in 2023 and was a very successful memoir about her life and martial arts training. Her second book, which was more widely publicized, was published in 2023 and is entitled “Jesseca Liu: My Early Life, Its Tragedy, And the Birth of a Franchise” which can be purchased online.

Jesseca Liu is currently a multi-millionaire. Her acting career has also made her famous among Chinese nationals. Other than her television work, she is well known among Chinese media personalities and has been portrayed in a number of different works. Her most famous role was that of Yang Zhen in the popular TV series, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. Her net worth has also made her famous in Hollywood as the daughter of a famous director and producer.

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