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Jiang Xin Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Jiang Xin is Chinese actresses. She has been in the spotlight since the late 90s, when she was one of the favorites in the Chinese movie industry. The Mandarin-speaking actress is well known for her beautiful looks and charming personality. Her most notable role is that of Zhenyu Lu, a character in the movie series of Mulan, which was later made into a musical.

Jiang Xin is best known by her English names Rulu and Jiang Yu. She has appeared in some popular television shows such as City School Hours, Makenna, and the series starring Robin Williams. She has also spent several years in Hollywood as an actress and model, appearing in movies such as Crazy Heart, Pretty Woman, and Bruce Almighty. In the TV series, she portrayed the character of Yin Shao, the blind son of a powerful Chinese family. She is yet to receive any of the year’s best supporting actress awards.

Jiang Xin became interested in acting while in college, taking a liking to drama and Broadway. She studied acting at the prestigious Beijing University of Arts, where she became particularly familiar with Chinese classical drama. After graduation, she decided to pursue a career in television, and appeared in a number of Chinese-language TV shows. Later she switched to playing characters in Hollywood, where she has gone on to receive a number of honors for her contributions to the industry.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Jiang Xin
Occupation Actor
Age 38
Date of Birth May 8, 1983
Place of Birth China
Star Sign Taurus
Country China
Gender FeMale
Birthdate 8-May
Day of Birth Sunday
Year of Birth 1983
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Sign Duality Passive
Birth Sign Modality & Element Fixed Earth
Opposite Sign Scorpio

At the time of her death, Jiang Xin had become one of the best known Chinese actresses in the world, having appeared in a number of popular films and TV shows. She was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for her role in the movie Love Actually, as well as for her supporting performance in the film A Walk of Life. She followed this with appearances on such shows as Hung the Righteous, Master of None, and Into the arms of an Angel. She has also garnered critical acclaim for her role in the television drama Defiance.

In late 2023, Jiang was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, following the announcement of her marriage to Chris Evans. Her films in the past few years include the movies Kung Mangarap and The Man Without One. She is also known for her work on the big screen, playing the lead role in the blockbuster Fantastic Four movie. Other notable roles include the leading role in the Hong Kong film The Mermaid, and she played the role of a villain in the action-thriller Crazy Heart. She also spent some time on the Broadway stage, playing the lead role in the play Anastasia in which she plays a young Russian ballerina.

Aside from her early work in television and the theater, Jiang has also enjoyed some smaller roles in Hollywood, playing the lead role in the award-winning Battle field. She also had a small role in the Kung Fu movie Oldboy. Overall, Jiang has proven that she is one of the best actresses working today. Her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the Spider-Man and Iron Man movies established her name in Hollywood, and she can be counted on to continue to entertain audiences through the rest of her career.


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