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Jihane Almira Chedid Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Jihane Almira Chedid, sometimes spelled as Jehma-lee, is a well-known face in Indonesia’s colorful art scene. Born in Putra Kati, a small island off the coast of central Java, Jihane is a name that translates to “illuminate”, and she enjoys painting watercolor landscapes and nudes. Her works frequently reference both local flora and fauna, and she has been called “the lady in waiting” by her admirers. As a professional artist, Jihane rarely paints conventional subjects, opting instead for portraits of her beloved subjects that mirror their personalities and expressions of love.

Much of Jihane’s artwork is based on her interest in both indigenous art traditions and Indonesian fashion. She draws on her own love of nature and wildlife when choosing subjects, and she often paints in traditional lehenga style. Lehenga design dates back to the early Javanese culture and was used to create the lavish costumes worn by royalties during the regency era. Today, it can be worn by anyone interested in a more elegant look. The lehenga top she wears in her image source is a signature piece of Javanese fashion; a truly classic garment of this region.

Popular As Jihane Almira Chedid
Occupation Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly Ambassador,actress,model,beauty pageant titleholder
Age 21 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Born 4 February 2000
Birthday 4 February
Birthplace Semarang, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesia

Jihane’s most popular artwork is a series of portraits of her close-knit, artistic family that she paints as a hobby. In her images, she highlights her two younger siblings, sister, mother, and stepfather, as she captures the essence of what it means to have family taken care of. These portraits highlight her close relationship with her sister, Celine, who is her image source; and with her stepfather, father, and brother, Michael. In many of these images, Jihane includes the mother’s photo in the foreground, while her sister Celine is often featured in the background.

One of Jihane’s most famous images from her many instagrams shows her standing next to a group of musicians. The Instagram account for Jihane’s mother, Safia Chedid Chedi, includes a photo of Jihane alongside fellow Jihane Chedi on the set of a music video for their song “Love Takes Wing.” The caption under the image read simply, “My family. And we did it like a dream.”

Jihane’s youngest sibling, Jefra, is also an active instagrammer, as she regularly posts images from her school and from home. A profile picture on jihad admiral’s page shows Jefra asleep at the computer with a blue cup filled with cola. Jihane’s brother, Michael, is also active on the social media site, posting images of his time away from the family. Jihane’s grandmother, Safia Chedid, appears frequently in these images, and often offers messages of support to Jihane.

Jihane is currently residing in Indonesia with her partner, Cosmo Chedi, and their two-year old son, Aidan. For the past several years, Jihane has travelled to Indonesia and back, visiting her grandmother’s native province of Baguio. Aidan, her son, was born in Australia, where Jihane grew up. The family is hoping to soon fly to Baguio, where Jihane hopes to receive treatment for cancer.


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