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Joan Chen Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Joan Chen is a Chinese American actress, writer, and producer. Born in Detroit, Michigan, she moved to California when she was nineteen years old and attended Santa Barbara Community College. Later Joan Chen moved to New York City and appeared in such movies as Romance, Swing Vote, Come On, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In the last decade she has been nominated for Academy Awards including Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Director for a Feature Film. Recently Joan Chen received an Honorary Academy Award from the Walt Disney Company for her work as a producer on Mulan, which was based on a book of the same name.

In this Joan Chen Chinese actress and screenwriter’s biography you will learn about her family life, her early career, and the influence of various figures such as Aristotle, Goethe, and Dickens. You will also discover how Joan Chen decided to make Chinese dance form a part of the American pop culture. You will learn about her early life and the influences that led her to a career in acting. Finally you will learn about Joan Chen Chinese style and fashion.

• Full Name: Joan Chen
• Date of Birth: 26 April 1961
• Age/ How old?: 58
• Place of Birth: Shanghai, China
• Birthday:  26 April
• Nationality: Chinese American
• Fathers Name: Chen Xingrong
• Mothers Name: Zhang Anzhong
• Siblings: One brother
• Marital Status: Married
• Children/ Kids: 2
• Height/ How tall?: 5′ 4″
• Weight: 117 lbs

” Joan Chen, like most Chinese Americans, was influenced by both her father and mother (both of whom were born in San Francisco). At age seven her parents sent her to live with her cousins in Sanitary China. Her cousins had very little contact with Joan, other than to say that she was sweet and pretty. One of the cousins, Miss Lin, became the model for the little flower girl in Jean M. Aspen’s play The Little dove.”

As a young girl watching television one day Joan realized that all the ads for products in the yellow pages were from the “Greatest Emperor” of China. She decided to translate her favorite lines from the Book of Changes into Chinese so that everyone could read it. This was the start of her lifelong passion for the Chinese language, Chinese music, and Chinese art. Joan spent countless hours reading books about Chinese antiquity and classic literature, watching reruns of old movies, and listening to Chinese radio and television programs. At the age of twenty-three she received her first diploma in Chinese at the University of Beijing.

In 1984 Joan Chen became the first ever female actor to be listed on the Oprah Show. Her breakthrough role was in the movie The Perfume Song, in which she played the lead role opposite Martin Short. Her performance earned her a number of awards including the Satellite Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role. Later that year she appeared in the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, in which she again played the lead role. In the end, her career was not financially successful, but it did inspire the Chinese government to begin listing Chinese actors abroad.

Joan Chen moved to Los Angeles in the mid-eighties, where she appeared in a series of films including Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Her films never won any major Academy Awards, but they did receive a number of positive reviews from critics and fellow actors. Joan Chen is no stranger to controversy either. For example, in 1984 she was arrested after staging a mock lynching in order to draw public attention to the plight of political prisoners in China. While she was ultimately found innocent, the publicity caused by her arrest was enough to prompt the Chinese government to ban her from traveling to the country.


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