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Joanne Peh Net Worth 2023, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Family

Joanne Peh is one of the famous Chinese actresses who have portrayed good characters in more than one Hollywood movie. Born in 1968, Joanne Peh is a Chinese actress and singer who was popular in the Asian film industry. At the age of 17, Joanne Peh also tried her luck in singing but did not become successful until she went to China to study singing with some very famous Chinese actors. Later in life, Joanne Peh married an Englishman and has two children. Below are some facts about Joanne Peh that you should be aware of:


Bio / Wiki
Full Name Joanne Peh
Occupation Actress
Age 38
Date of Birth April 25, 1983
Place of Birth Singapore
Star Sign Taurus
Country Singapore
Gender Female

Film Career: Joanne Peh has gone on to have a varied career throughout her movies. At the time of her marriage to Richard Gerspach, Joanne Peh gave birth to a son named Michael Gerspach. At the age of 36 years, Joanne Peh measured 1. 73 m. at the time of her death. At the time of her death, Joanne Peh still had a son named Edward Gerspach and was still singing.

Website: A website was built by Joanne Peh wherein she revealed a lot of information about her life. This website included pictures, articles, biographies, obituaries, a description about her roles as an actress in different movies and also a short biography about her music. This website is accessible for the public.

Wikipedia: Joanne Peh has also contributed articles at Wikipedia. In this article, she disclosed that she is a Chinese actress who is currently engaged in performing stage shows and films. She has been listed on the “Eminence” in 2023. She is a former Singapore film actress who has been popular since the early part of her career in which she has been listed on the “Movie Stars” category many times.

Performer’s Directory: Joanne Peh also contributed articles to the “Performer’s Directory” which is a website dedicated to helping aspiring actors and actresses to find work. In this directory, the articles are categorized according to the area where they are expected to appear. Joanne Peh’s name is one of the categories listed on this site. She has been nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Actress in a Leading Role” for her performance in The Goodyer Report (Singapore) in 1980. She went on to receive an additional Oscar nomination for her role in Another Time by John Boorman.

Moviesography: Joanne Peh has also made two movies for which she was nominated for an Academy Award – Romance by Steve McQueen and Behind the Mask by Clint Eastwood. Each film was different from the other and portrayed very different roles. Romance was centered on the lead character who was a beautiful young woman who had fallen in love with a much older man. Behind the mask was centered on the villain and it was about a Hollywood stuntman who was the star of the film. So it is obvious that Joanne Peh has been able to establish her own name in the world of entertainment by consistently appearing in high-profile movies.

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