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John Stones Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight,personal, physical, career, and wedding life info

John Stones is one of the most popular professional football players nowadays. One of the best professional football players who also happens to be an English football player is none other than John Stones who is currently playing for English Premier League side Manchester City. He is currently one of the top players in the whole world and has already won several titles during his distinguished career. He also has set several records during his playing career.

Manchester City
Birth date:
1994-05-28 (27 years old)

John Stones is an English professional football player who plays right back. John Stones belongs to the left wing. He usually plays right back in central defense. John Stones is currently earning a good salary as a professional and has established himself as one of England’s best right backs. His yearly salary is reportedly in millions.

John Stones is earning millions of pounds per annum. This makes John Stones one of the highest paid football players in the world. John Stones is earning this amount of money with his good performances on the international stage. He has played in many vital tournaments like the World Cup, European Championship and the Champions League.

John Stones first joined up with Chelsea aged age of 16. He played one season with Chelsea before he went on to play for the England national team. During the process of his professional debut, John Stones was given a chance by the manager to play for the England national team. During this time he was given a number of chances to perform at right back. John Stones impressed the manager and earned a call up to the England squad for the England international against Italy.

John Stones has been extremely impressive during his national side England career. John Stones has established himself as one of England’s best right backs. He has impressed manager Capello with his excellent performances. The defender has impressed the coach and the team and it is believed that he may earn his first England call up in the near future.

John Stones is earning millions of pounds every year. With all the money that John Stones has generated since his early life, one could say that his early life was what made him who he is today. One has to imagine that John Stones’ early life may also have something to do with his current good form. It is believed that John Stones’ excellent personal life may also have contributed to his success as a football player.

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