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Joris Kayembe,Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Joris Kayembe was born in Ekwensi, Nigeria in 1967. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria as the son of a taxi driver and street vendor. Joris Kayembe played football throughout his childhood, but it was not until he was 18 that he decided to try for a career in the sport. Joris Kayembe made his international debut for Nigeria at the FIFA World Cup quarter finals in East Germany in 1986.

Joris Kayembe made his first team debut at the USA during the 1986 FIFA World Cup tournament. He started as a second-string goalkeeper but was then given a chance to play at right wing. Joris Kayembe impressed coach Bob Cotter in training sessions and was then given a start against Italian football team in San Siro. Joris Kayembe made two goals in three games and secured a regular spot on the bench, where he impressed again in the quarter finals. Joris Kayembe was then named Man of the Match after scoring two goals in a 4-1 win over Italy.

Joris Kayembe then impressed West Bromwich in the English Premier League, where he played another season, before moving to France to join FC Paris. Joris Kayembe spent four years with FC Paris, where he became known as one of the best full backs in the world. Joris Kayembe played in the English Premier League for Leeds, Barnet and Millwall before moving to North America in the summer of 1996.

Firstname: Joris
Surname: Kayembe Ditu
Team: Sporting Charleroi
National:  Belgium
Height: 180cm
Weight: 71kg
Birth date: 1994-08-08 (27 years old)

Joris Kayembe’s playing career came to an end when he was diagnosed with cancer in March 1997. He gave his all in the chemotherapy process, but was unable to play during the season. He is today a great example of the importance of team morale and support, as he is still able to give 100% despite being ill.

Joris Kayembe retired from football at the age of 31. He moved into acting and had a role in the movie, Farelly Brothers’ “A Christmas Story.” Joris Kayembe has gone on to teach soccer to school children in Africa, where the game is becoming quite popular. Joris Kayembe is a very successful example of overcoming obstacles and the spirit of football. He is a true athlete and it shows in his ability to teach and play the game.

Joris Kayembe’s career can be seen on television every year during the England v Scotland fixture. His appearance raises the profile of the sport in the country and people begin to realise just how good footballers are really made. Joris Kayembe epitomizes the spirit of the game. He has a strong character, a winning attitude and gives the game his full effort. Joris Kayembe should be proud of himself for what he has achieved so far and look forward to what he has in store in the future.

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