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Ju Jingyi Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Ju Jingyi is a Chinese actress, singer, and dancer. She rose from humble origins to international stardom as part of Chinese girl group, SNH 48. Born in Beijing, Ju Jingyi studied dance at the Beijing Dance Academy before turning to acting. Although she had to quit her dancing career in order to concentrate on acting, she eventually developed the talent for acting that would later be exploited on screen.

Ju Jingyi Quick Info
Height 5 ft 2½ in
Weight 48 kg
Date of Birth June 18, 1994
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Hair Color Dark Brown


On August 8, Ju Jingyi will be up for election for the seat of her friend and colleague, President Xi. This is one of the most critical election processes China has seen in over half a century. The top candidate usually wins the election with the majority of the vote. In the last few months, the race between Ju Jingyi and Wang Qiaolong, the present vice president of China, has been especially bitter, with both candidates trailing in the polls.

If she wins, Ju Jingyi will become the first Chinese single woman to hold the post of President of China in either of its two main political powers, the National Executive committee and the Politburo. Her acting debut will come against stiff competition from Chen Yi, another Chinese superstar, who is also expected to run for the presidential post; Huang Xiaoming, Taiwan’s first President since independence; and Wang Xiaojie, who are already a Chinese superstar and is seen by many as the next Chinese President. What is important to remember is that China needs a strong leader like Ju Jingyi if it is to avoid further turbulence within its borders. Her performance in the next few months could go a long way to determining the course of China’s future.


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