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Julianne Hough Biography, Facts & Life Story, Height, Weight, Age

Julianne Hough is an American actress, dancer, singer, and reality television personality from Orem (Utah, USA). She has also been married to Utah businessman Richard Melchior in the past. She is known for being a vocal critic of the United States government’s foreign policy in regard to Israel and the occupied territories. She has stated many times on various news shows that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not worth it due to the amount of collateral damage that America will endure because of these wars. Julianne Hough is also famous for her many appearances on Dancing With the Stars, including her two seasons on The Amazing Race.

Julianne Hough is best known by her stage name of Julianne Hough. She was born in Ogden, Utah and is a native of Draper, UT. Julianne Hough grew up in Draper, Utah as the daughter of state representative Jerry Woolsey. Hough’s mother, Ann Hough, was a member of the Independence Party, which was a splinter group of the Liberty Party movement. Julianne Hough moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when she was 18 years old and started performing professionally. Her first experience as a dancer was on stage during a talent show at the World’s Cowboy And Horse Show in Las Vegas in January of 1987.

Julianne Hough trivia will show that Julianne Hough is well known throughout the world. Some of the facts relating to Julianne Hough net worth will be as follows: Julianne Hough has been listed as one of the celebrities who have the highest paid on Dancing with the Stars since the inception of the show in its current form. Julianne Hough trivia will show that Julianne Hough is also a former member of the cast of The X Factor.

Julianne Hough is most known for being the youngest professional dancer to ever compete on American Idol. The youngest professional dancer ever to compete on American Idol is 16 years old Emilee Gould. Julianne Hough is also the youngest person ever to win the reality series Survivor.

Quick Facts:

  • NICKNAME: Jules
  • FULL NAME: Julianne Alexandra Hough
  • PROFESSION: Actress
  • NATIONALITY: American
  • AGE: 32 years old (in 2023)
  • DATE OF BIRTH: July 20, 1988
  • BIRTHPLACE: Orem, Utah, United States
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Cancer

Many people do not realize that Julianne Hough also has a Wikipedia page. This page shows that Julianne Hough is married to Mark Hough and they have four children. Julianne and her husband have been married since 1985 and their son is named Julianne Hough III. This factoid may be useful when trying to obtain more information about Julianne Hough’s net worth and family.

A nice piece of trivia relating to Julianne Hough’s net worth and family is that she loves to travel. She recently completed an extended Australian holiday, which included a visit to Cairns. The area is well known for surfing, swimming, sightseeing, eating out, as well as being a major hub for surf season. Julianne Hough loves to eat out so it is not surprising that she likes Cairns restaurants and eateries so much. Cairns is also one of Julianne Hough’s favourite cities to visit in her spare time.

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