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Julie Yeh Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Julie Yeh, more commonly known as Julie Yeh Fui-yen, is an Asian actress, singer, and entrepreneur. She was a main player in both the entertainment industry in China and Hong Kong, and over the years she gained a reputation for being one of the most attractive and charming Chinese actresses of her time. She was known to grace the screens in such movies as The Great Escape, Romance in Harvard, Come Back Home, and I Remember You.

The name Julie Yeh is well-known today in the field of movies, especially Asian films. However, very little is known about Julie Yeh Fui-yen, the real name. Originally, from Hubei Province in central China, Julie migrated to Hong Kong with her husband in the late nineteen seventies. She was one of the many Chinese women who went to Hong Kong to make a living, and soon became famous as Julie Yeh Fui-men, better known as Julie Yeh.

First, it is important to mention that Julie Yeh is not the same woman portrayed byscreenwriters and producers in the movies. The real Julie Yeh had been a successful businesswoman in the early days and had several loans to several organizations before she was married. Her business career spanned over a number of years, and in the late fifties she decided to enter the world of movie making, and went into the profession of screenwriting. Later on, she went to Hong Kong and became one of the best known and most successful actresses of that era.

Net Worth $4 Million
Date Of Birth October 19, 1937
Place Of Birth Hankou, Hubei Province, China
Profession Actress, Music Department, Soundtrack
Star Sign Libra

Apart from her role as an actress in movies, Julie Yeh also became a successful businesswoman, with her numerous loans and business deals. At the time of her death, she had been living in constant comfort in a flat in Hong Kong. Apart from her role as an actress in movies, Julie Yeh was also successful in her business ventures, and was a member of the board of directors of the Yeh Laks-Koo Foundation, and the China International Marketing Corporation (CIMC). It can be concluded from these facts that it is evident that Julie Yeh was more than a successful actress and businesswoman, who had great leadership skills, and who could see beyond her appearances.

There are many similarities between Julie Yeh and the late Princess Diana, who was also famous in her day as a successful businesswoman, actress and motherly figure. Princess Diana was an icon in the English speaking world because of her love for her family, as well as her skills as an actress. One must also remember that Princess Diana was also born in England, as her birth name was Princess Elizabeth. Some people compare the late Princess Diana with Julie Yeh, because both had a similar kind of face, hairstyle and kind of persona.

Besides being an extremely popular and well-known actress, Julie Yeh was also an accomplished businesswoman who had a variety of bankrolling skills. At the time of her death, she had millions of dollars in assets, most of which came from her enormous banking and investing activities. According to Chinese records, Julie Yeh lived in a flat in Hong Kong from the late nineteen thirties until the early nineteen fifties, when she began to live in a separate flat in Beijing. Julie Yeh loved her life in both Beijing and her private apartment in Hong Kong. She loved China and the way she was treated by the Chinese people, saying that she had always considered herself a real Chinese.


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