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June Diane Raphael Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth & Boyfriend

June Diane Raphael was born in 1959 in Miami, Florida. Her parents were a well to do Spanish speaking Creole family. They met when she was three and grew up attending the Miami diversionary school at De La Salle. Later in life she went on to become one of the more successful comedians in Hollywood.

June Diane Raphael is currently ranked as the highest paid female comedian in Hollywood with an estimated net worth of four million dollars. She has earned such a large amount of money from her numerous career high earnings as a stand up comic, actress, writer and producer. She trivia fact is that she was actually the fifth comic to sign a deal with Marvel Comics and she was the very first woman to write for them as well.

We know that the very next decade saw a huge income source in the form of the film industry thanks to films like Star Wars, Rocky and Jurassic Park. However, her pay as a comedian was not what it is today as she received very little to no income from these films. One of her other major works was the movie June de Plomb, which was set in France and starred Bill Murray. Her other notable works included Here Lies The Man Who Played With Light In The Dark and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

June Diane Raphael was married to Richard Melville, who is a singer and song composer. Their marriage ended in divorce in the early eighties and she was then married to Herb Ellis that is known as the co-writer of The Godfather. The late seventies and the early eighties were the golden age for June Diane Raphael’s career as a comedian and she received critical acclaim for her roles in such movies as Do The Right Thing and Meet The Parents. However, her best comedy role that came around would be in the comedy The Mask. Though The Mask did not do well at the box office it was still a very successful performance by June Diane Raphael.


Full NameJune Diane Raphael
Other NamesJune Diane
Date of Birth04 January 1980
Birth PlaceRockville Centre, New York, United States
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Age41 Years
Height1.75 m (5′ 9″)
Weight (Approx.)58 kg
Nationality (Country)United States
Food DietNon-Vegetarian


FatherJohn Raphael
MotherDiane Raphael
Spouse (Husband)Paul Scheer (m.2009)
ChildrenAugust Scheer,
Sam Scheer
SiblingsDeanna Raphael,
Lauren Raphael

June Diane Raphael had a long standing relationship with the late Frank Capra, who cast her in several films in the thirties and forties. June Diane had worked with Capra before and also wrote a novel that was set in post-war New York. Though the relationship with Capra did not take off, they maintained a working relationship and June were even seen on one of his films, You Can’t Take It With You. Raphael was seen in Invictus, Meet The Parents, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Eternal Sunshine Of Your Life.

Today June Diane Raphael has a Net Worth of about $4 million dollars. She lives in a large five bedroom house in Manhattan with her husband Herb and their two children. Raphael is rarely seen, since most of her work is now done over the internet. Her daughter Tania also acts as her assistant and aids in the filming of her shows. Raphael’s daughter, Talycia, is now an actress and goes by Talycia Raphaelle.

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