Juneteenth History, Celebration, & Activities 2021

Juneteenth is a holiday that has deep roots in the history of slavery and the Civil War. This celebration is commemorated every year on this day as the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. The first recorded celebration of Juneteenth took place in slave quarters in New Orleans in 18irties. The holiday is a celebration of the removal of the slaves from their former masters to new homes in the antebellum south. In fact, the origin of Juneteenth became when the “june” in the title was changed due to the slaves calling the June as a joyous day, rather than “july” which was their original name. In the United States, Juneteenth is not an official holiday; it is a public holiday and is one of the most popular holidays.

There are many traditions associated with Juneteenth history. One of the most recognized of these is the “Joyce’s Sixth of July”, also known as the “Sixth of July Celebration”. The origins of this popular holiday are said to have started when General Washington instructed his surgeons to make a list of all the men, women, and children who had fought in the Civil War so that they could distribute them among the people who were celebrating that particular day.

Today there are many different types of Juneteenth History celebrations. One of the most popular types of Juneteenth History Celebration is the “Union Veterans Day Celebration”. In this celebration, people can wear faded photographs of their family members who served in the military. It is a popular tradition to attend a reunion gathering for those who have come home from the military. During this historic day, you will be able to meet new friends, talk about your times in the military, enjoy delicious foods, and enjoy other fellowship.

Another one of the popular Juneteenth Celebrations is the “Lilac Day Celebration”. Many people choose to celebrate this special holiday by wearing a beautiful, lavender colored dress. This is a very popular choice for girls because it represents the love that they have for all things lavender. Many couples choose to exchange handmade cards thanking the women and men who helped make their wedding day possible by joining the military.

A popular and important holiday that happened during the history of Juneteenth History is the “Trading of the Slaves”. When the slave trade became illegal in the mid eighteen hundreds, many African Americans decided to move to the North and establish homes in what is now referred to as New Orleans. During this time period, many black people who were separated by war became acquainted and even formed a bond by trading their black bodies for the goods of white people. The slave trade became illegal when the United States government forced the removal of these people from the St. Louis archipelago.

Juneteenth 2020 Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, SMS, Sayings & Status:


  • Happy Juneteenth! Today, we celebrate the resiliency of our people and honor those who didn’t make it to Emancipation Day. We cannot besmirch their struggles by ignoring the injustices of today.
  • I would say “Happy Juneteenth” but I prefer you have a meaningful Juneteenth. Take a moment to reflect on what freedom means to you and how you can actively aid the freedom of others. Lots of love to all.
  • A day to celebrate, come together, learn, listen, and keep the message of equality at the top of mind. Happy Juneteenth.
  • Juneteenth marks a day that enslaved African Americans were able to go about creating a life for themselves and their families. It’s a day to recognize our forebears and to remind us of the journey they took to bring us where we are today.
  • I want to wish everyone a happy Juneteenth. This year is particularly bittersweet as we celebrate with an even greater eye toward justice.
  • Happy Juneteenth People!! This feels a lot different today! The World is Changing, More Change To Come! Thank you to our Ancestors and Praise God for our strength.

Throughout history, Juneteenth has celebrated with great enthusiasm. At the beginning of the history of Juneteenth, a ceremony was held in what is now Saint Louis. This celebration, “A Day of Solidarity with the Black Man,” drew hundreds of people from all over the country who came to celebrate with the black people of the city. From that point forward, “Juneteenth” has been a time to celebrate the end of slavery, the beginning of freedom, and the birth of America. Every year, on the Juneteenth that occurs, the United States celebrates its rich history of prejudice and exclusion. For this reason, “JJunctional Historians’ Day” is a very important holiday for those who value accurate history.

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