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If you were asked what the best Juneteenth Quotes are you might be inclined to reply with anything other than “American Exceptionalism”. Since we’re celebrating America’s Independence Day, let’s not forget our forefathers and their sacrifices for this great country. They gave up everything to build a powerful nation and a civilization that would endure into the future. It is an honor to be an American and to celebrate our history. Our history is filled with incredible achievements by our predecessors. Let’s not deny the contributions made by blacks, whites, and Indians to this great nation.

In honoring our forefathers, we must also keep in mind that they were not perfect. We have room for personal mistakes and lapses. So, when reading some of the best Juneteenth Quotes, it doesn’t mean we have to look the other way. These quotes are about reminding us to keep fighting.

The first of the Juneteenth Quotes I’d like to celebrate is Emancipation Proclamation. This was the second major act in the path toward full civil and equal rights for all Americans. On this day, June 18th, 1817, after much debate, Congress passed the Enforcement of Emancipation Proclamation. As promised, on this day, every black person born in the United States was given the right to either live free or to receive freedom. The symbolism of this event is still powerful today, as people commemorate the passing of the years-long policy and continue to fight for their rights.

Another great quote I’d like to highlight is American slavery. Slavery existed in the United States long before the establishment of the nation. However, the very first slaves in America were brought here by European immigrants. As a result, we have many famous quotes about the origins of our nation’s profound relationship with slavery.

One particular quote I like to highlight in my presentations is the famous American Independence Day speech given by John Hancock. He spoke of the sacrifices that Americans have made for their freedoms, and he concluded his speech with the words “This day has brought forth what we the citizens of the United States can conceive and believe in, the glory of a free and independent country.” There are a few other great Independence Day speeches from our nation’s founding fathers, but I’ll save those for another article.

Juneteenth Day 2020 Celebration: Wishes Quotes, Messages, Images, SMS & Pictures

Achievements and accomplishments don’t have a colour….. They just depend upon the talent, hard work and dedication of a person….. Sending you best wishes on Juneteenth Day and wishing you freedom from slavery!!!!

God made us all equal….. But humans created differences which have been the cause of many problems….. Celebrations of Juneteenth are a reminder of victory of equality over slavery….. Wishing you a very Happy Freedom Day.

The best and the only way to fight racism is with solidarity….. Let us put an end to all the discrimination by standing tall against the differences created by weak minds…. A very Happy Juneteenth to you.

When you will open your eyes, you will see the colours but when you will open your mind, you will see all the colours disappear….. Let’s celebrate Juneteenth Independence Day by letting all the colours disappear and just hearts remain.

The smart way to fight racism is to understand that the world is full of colours and to accept them is the best thing to do….. Sending my love and lots of warm wishes on Freedom Day…. Have a wonderful day ahead!!!!

Racism is like a diseases….. a mental disease…. Which is a mental pigmentation…. Killing it is the best solution to this issue….. Let’s fight this social issue and make a happy world…. Best wishes to you and your loved ones on Juneteenth.

There is just one place where separating colours is the logical thing and that is laundry, let’s not do that with people…. Just love them all….. Sending the best of my wishes on Juneteenth to you my dear.

There will only be growth and prosperity, happiness and joy if we will world with colours but with their awesomeness and then there will be no difference….. Best wishes to you on the occasion of Juneteenth Day.

Finally, I’d like to give my thanks to all those who gave me permission to share this information with you. Without your support, I wouldn’t be able to publish this information to the masses. I am extremely humbled by all the people who shared with me their wishes for the coming Independence Day celebrations. Your thoughts and words have inspired me to write these articles, and I hope they give you hope and inspiration as well. This is just a small taste of what will be happening on Juneteenth, so please enjoy celebrating this wonderful holiday!

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