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Kathy Najimy is an established face in the American independent entertainment scene. She has appeared in innumerable numbers of television shows and movies. Her role in The Closet, as previously mentioned, was appreciated by many people. Her career in movies has spanned over 30 years; including stints in Happy Days, Saturday Night Fever, Scrooged, Blades, Gunsmoke and The Perfect Score.

What makes Kathy Najimy so successful as an actress and actresses are her wide range of characters she plays. She is a lovable character due to her distinct features and the way she portrays them. She has portrayed a wide variety of characters in movies. Many of these characters have been featured in films or aired on television. Some of her most memorable characters are mentioned below.

A major character in American independent cinema, Kathy Ann Najimy’s voice is known in countless movies as the girl who wears the oversized shirt. This character is a part of the ensemble in movies like Clue, High School Confidential, Gidget and adaptation of the book Gidget. The voice is distinctive and this makes it easier for American viewers to identify with this character. As an actress, Kathy najimy has voiced other characters in movies, including ones for kids.

Name Kathy Najimy
Real Name Kathy Ann Najimy
Pet / Nick Name Yet To Update
Sex Yet To Update
Nationality United States
Profession Voice Artist, Television Actress, Activist, Comedian
Origin United States

Another prominent and respected American actress is Kathy Ann Najimy. She has also established a prolific career in television, where she has been seen on numerous popular television programs including 24, ER, Chuck, Smallville and many more. In fact, she was featured on the first episode of the popular television series CSI, which later went on to become one of the most popular shows in history. Kathy is also well known as one of the voices on Fox on the television series Family Guy.

Kathy Ann Najimy was born and raised in San Diego California. She studied acting at the San Diego State University College of Art. As a student, she joined the drama department of the school which was run by her professor, Ed O’Brien. It was here that she discovered her love for the performing arts. After college, she continued her studies at the University of Memphis in order to pursue a graduate degree in English which she was extremely pleased with.

After graduating, Kathy decided to enter the world of theater but didn’t know where to start. After trying out for a few different small theatre companies, Kathy decided that she wanted to be an actor and try out for smaller shows. After only a few months of hard work she was cast as the lead in a play called “Afterlife with John.” The play went on to become a hit and earned Kathy a few additional small roles on other successful plays. Then it was off to Hollywood where she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the same play. It was at this point that she began to get notice from all over Hollywood about her incredibly popular personality and stunning looks, which would soon make her a star in her own right.


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