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Kavita Sidhu Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography, Dating, Kids, Bio & Wiki

Kavita Sidhu

Kavita Sidhu is a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman and author. Kavita started her business with a single steam engine in her garage in 1969 at age 22. Kavita is an innovator and an icon of the Information technology industry having been married for 35 years to an entrepreneur and investor. Kavita has four children and lives in California. Kavita is Sidhu Indian women and also goes by the name Kavita Sidhu.

Kavita Sidhu was born in Hyderabad, India and grew up in the slums of Secunderabad. She has always remained connected with the people of her origin community even after she has become a successful entrepreneur. Kavita Sidhu is one of the very few female entrepreneurs who started her business from scratch without any previous IT experience. Kavita’s maiden voyage into the world of IT was documented in her book “IPOH: My Search for Fame and Fortune” which was released in 2007.

Kavita Sidhu facts: Kavita Sidhu is an Indian actress and has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Kavita Sidhu has been reported earning approximately one million dollars a year, an average salary of roughly $90k a year. Kavita is not the first Asian female entrepreneur to establish herself as an A-list actor/actress in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie reportedly made her bones here earlier in her career. Kavita is however, one of the youngest actresses to have entered the Hollywood film industry and one of the youngest ever to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Name Kavita Sidhu
Jobs/Profession Actor
Current Age 48 years old
Zodiac/Sun Sign Capricorn
Birth Date November 29, 1971
Birth Place Ipoh
Country Malaysia

Kavita Sidhu’s impressive resume: Kavita Sidhu is an Indian actress and has been awarded honors by Rajasthan University for her performance in the television serials. Kavita Sidhu has also acted in many telecasts and her acting ability is known for being highly intelligent, and her range of acting abilities is commendable. Kavita Sidhu is currently on a two year contract to work with the much-acknowledged network ABC News in the United States. Kavita is yet to receive an award from Rajasthan University for her performance in a news show in India.

Kavita Sidhu’s early life: Kavita Sidhu was born in a small village in a rural part of Rajasthan called Sidhpur in Uttar Pradesh, India. Kavita Sidhu’s father was a small farmer and she was educated at home by her mother. Kavita was a fairly good student throughout her school days and was popular for her exceptional writing skills. Kavita’s interest in acting came to her while still in college, but she didn’t pursue this passion because of her lack of money; instead, she worked as a waitress in a tea shop and wrote screenplays.

Kavita Sidhu’s first major break as an actress was playing the lead role in an interesting science-fiction movie entitled Neurons from Outer Space. Kavita played the role of Alice in this movie, and she went on to receive critical acclaim for her work in the film. Kavita Sidhu’s other notable works include appearing in another award-winning science-fiction film called Chikni in 1998, and her voice work can be heard on the television shows Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. Kavita Sidhu is no doubt a talented actress, and her biography gives us a quick insight into the life she led as a child growing up in rural India.