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Kelly LeBrock is a famous American actress. She is also a professional model. Her most notable roles include Hard to Kill, The Woman in Red and Weird Science. Kelly LeBrock’s life is interesting and she has had a lot of work in the film industry as well.

Kelly LeBrock was falsely accused of being a serial killer. This was after her former friend and fellow actor, Michael Myers, was arrested on suspicion of killing his friend Ziva Lacroix with a hammer. Kelly LeBrock was falsely accused due to the fact that she and Myers were drinking when the murder took place. Kelly LeBrock was the named sole survivor of the incident and her case gained worldwide attention. As a result of the media attention, Kelly LeBrock gained popularity and was invited to perform at a prestigious New York event. However, this did not help her to get a role in the movie version of the story and she was nonetheless disappointed as she failed to sign any contracts for the film.

Born in New York City, New York, USA
Birth Name Kelly Le Brock
Height 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)

Kelly LeBrock appears in the second series of Baby Whisppers as herself and is played by Shea Emory. In the first series Kelly LeBrock appeared as Addison Russell, a police officer that was the main suspect in the case. She was the first one to identify Michael Myers and he later confessed to the crime. In the second series Kelly LeBrock was played by Shea Emory and in the second series she was identified as Holly Golightly. She was in the third episode “Pupils” played banana Barraza and in the seventh episode “Nights” she was again played by Shea Emory.

Kelly LeBrock’s acting ability is good but not excellent. Her action star looks were impressive in the first series but her acting abilities were lacking. She appeared in four episodes of the first season and in those episodes she played a couple of different characters. It is interesting to note that she did not appear in any of the episodes in the second season. It is likely that she had a lot of time to think about her next role and it is possible that the idea for her role came from a combination of her real life and internet activity as mentioned above.

Kelly LeBrock went on to play other supporting characters in the series such as FBI agent Dana Scully and US marshals Frank Burns and Richard Nixon. In all these roles Kelly LeBrock achieved success in her acting career and later went on to act in movies, television and even video games. Kelly LeBrock also appeared in the TV show Growing up Brown as a thirteen-year-old girl who was a star among her schoolmates. It was on this show that Kelly LeBrock made her acting debut in one of her first major roles and this led to her being offered various small parts throughout the late seventies and the eighties where she honed her craft.

Kelly LeBrock has since appeared in some TV shows and in some movies, including the movie adaptation of King Kong, which saw her playing the role of the massive green monster. Kelly LeBrock’s own family have also featured in some of her films and Kelly LeBrock has also gained a degree of fame through the acting work she has done for various charities. Kelly LeBrock’s family are involved in a charity, which she supports called “The Kelly LeBrock Foundation”. Through this foundation Kelly LeBrock aids cancer sufferers by conducting fundraisers for the charity and also working as a goodwill manager for the organisation. Kelly LeBrock’s acting career is still alive and kicking today and the fact that she has been able to combine acting with a family life is a testament to her versatility.

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