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KevOnStage is an adult contemporary artist. KevOnStage by KevOnstage is a contemporary artist based out of California. KevOnStage trivia tells us that KevOnStage was brought up in foster care as a baby growing up in foster parent homes. KevOnStage makeup artist started his acting career at age five in plays. KevOnStage trivia tells us that KevOnStage made his first video at age seven making him a true YouTube star.

KevOnStage has become one of the most sought after comedians in the YouTube network. KevOnStage trivia tells us that KevOnStage first stand up comedy gig at the Largo Park comedy club in New York City where he received rave reviews for his set and for being a natural performer. KevOnStage went on to perform at the Satellite Theatre in Los Angeles and had a number of more successful comedy gigs at clubs in Europe. KevOnStage was then cast apart from the band Stone Roses to appear on the television show Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” as a solo artist. KevOnStage later went on to star in a number of videos for both himself and The Stone Roses. KevOnStage has gone on to appear in a number of movies and TV shows.

KevOnStage has recently released a DVD featuring his life and times as an artist. KevOnStage’s DVD includes a number of his live comedy acts including a rendition of “White Man’s Choke” as well as his take on the hips, thongs, and butt cracks. KevOnStage also shares his views on the gay community and AIDS. KevOnStage has also created numerous videos for various outlets, including Awesomeness TV, Vh1, and On Demand. KevOnStage’s live comedy acts are noted for their unique brand of comedy and are sought out by fans worldwide. KevOnStage is described as “a versatile performer who frequently entertains both audiences and media.”

KevOnStage’s comedy has also been featured on the television show “The Daily Show with John Oliver”. KevOnStage’s co-writer, Greg Garcia was a writer for the popular late night talk show, The Late Show with David Letterman. KevOnStage’s former stand up comic has appeared on several television programs including HBO’s Real Time with Bill Simmons. KevOnStage’s most recent television appearance was on the award winning program, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. KevOnStage has also appeared on numerous other television programs including Conan O’Brien’s The Daily Show.

KevOnStage’s website describes him as a “comedy magician” and “one of the most exciting comedians in the United States”. The website goes on to say that KevOnStage “likes to challenge the boundaries of convention”. The website goes on to say that KevOnStage “has reinvented the rulebook of stand up comedy and has created a revolution”. KevOnStage went public in 2003 with his first comedy special entitled “KevOnStage”.

Short Profile
First Name Kevin
Last Name Fredericks
Profession YouTube Star
Age 36 years old
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Date May 1, 1983
Birth Place Texas
Country Texas

KevOnStage’s own website lists him as a stand up comic, entertainer, and illusionist. According to KevOnStage’s bio on the site, KevOnStage “uses humor to get people’s point of view while taking them on a hilarious journey”. Another highlight on the KevOnStage web site is a link titled “links of people who know more about KevOnStage”. On this site you will see a link labeled “links of people who know more about KevOnStage”. KevOnStage’s popularity has made him the author of several books and multiple books on the subject of stand up comedy.


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