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Kiki Fatmala Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Kiki Fatmala was bearing aliyah, East Java, Indonesia. Her real name is Kiki Ezatlan. She is of Chinese and Italian descent. Her parents are Chinese.

Kiki Fatmala was raised in Jakarta. She is described as shy and sweet. As a child she used to visit and feed monkeys that were wandering around in her neighborhood. Later in life she became a star known in Indonesia as Kiki Fatmala. She became famous because appearing in the hit Indosiar TV series Mariam, Si Manis Jaan, on 1997.

Fatmala’s life changed drastically when she appeared in the movie, Mariam. Following this film’s release she moved into movies where she continued to gain recognition. In her second role as Sienna in Aseel, Indonesia she played the role of an Asian mystic who was sent to retrieve the baby Jesus from India. After that film came the well known Kung Mangakas Regency movie, Apman.

Kiki Fatmala’s acting prowess also brought her to the world of painting. She has been a popular Indonesian artist and her artwork can be seen around the world. The kiki fatmala’s artwork has a variety of subjects including nature, flowers, and portraits. Her paintings have won several awards throughout the years including the International Art Prize and the presto award for outstanding work in November 2023.

Kiki Fatmala was born on the seventeenth of October 1969 in Jakarta, Indonesia. From a young age, she always had a deep interest in martial arts and she studied martial arts with a number of instructors. Her first professional performance came at the age of sixteen when she joined the local theatre as an extra in a production of Cats and Bulldogs.

Fatima was cast as a warrior princess by the name of Kahara. But when her father died she was given the chance to become a general in the Indonesian army and she accepted. Kiki Fatmala has gone on to play a pivotal role in the history of Indonesian cinema. She has also been nominated for Academy Awards and has achieved success throughout her lifetime both as an actress and as a painter.

Full Name Kiki Fatmala
Net Worth $1 Million
Date Of Birth October 26, 1969
Place Of Birth Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation Actress
Profession Actress
Nationality Indonesian
Parents Sunarjo, Farida Fatma, Sunarjo Farida Fatma
Nicknames Kiki Fatmala, Fatmala, Kiki
Star Sign Scorpio

Kiki Fatmala’s life has been a colourful one. She began acting at the age of sixteen where she appeared in a number of small films. These were made in an effort to get her noticed in theollywood. But it was her break in Hollywood that would become a turning point in her career. Kiki Fatmala went on to star in many movies including the movie witch.

Kiki Fatmala then went on to have successful turns in plays and television dramas. She went on to play the lead role in the acclaimed movie Kung Mangai. She has also had some smaller roles in TV serials and action movies. At the age of fifty she received an award for the best actress award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Kiki Fatmala then went on to star in a remake of the Hindi movie, starring Anushka Shetty and Nanban along with Chow Lin.

Today she is an entrepreneur and lives in Hollywood California. This is not the first time that Fatmala has attempted a cameo in a Bollywood movie as an exotic and mysterious foreigner in the film industry of India. Her role in the spoof comedy film, Eat Pray Love earned her a number of Filmfare Awards and an Oscar nomination for her performance. Kiki Fatmala is undoubtedly a star Indonesian and a very good actor. The career of Kiki Fatmala is one that has spanned decades and has seen much success.


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