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Kim Cattrall is an Australian actress, model and singer who is known by many names. She is most famous for her starring role as Samantha Jones in the sex and the City film during the year 1998. The movie chronicles the life of a single girl in the sex industry in Melbourne, Australia. Kim Cattrall went on to have a prolific career, particularly as a singer and actress. She has been nominated several times for Best Actor in the Year 2021 and in 2021 was awarded the starring role in the movie, The Royal Wedding, which went on to become one of the most successful films of the year.

Kim Cattrall first came to the attention of American viewers when she appeared in the musical comedy film, Saturday Night Fever. The movie showcased Kim Cattrall as herself, with the exception of her long blonde hair which she dyed red to match her maroon lipstick. The role that Cattrall played in this film earned her the notice of director Clint Eastwood, who cast her in the next best picture, Gidget. Once again, Kim Cattrall played herself in the role of a character that was created by director Wes Anderson, in the movie Anderson County. The film went on to earn Anderson his only Oscar nomination, for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

In the years since her first film appearance, Kim Cattrall has established a name for herself as a versatile performer that includes turns in major films such as Bridesmaids, Saturday Night Fever, and Gidget. One of the more recent films in which Kim Cattrall was included in, was the romantic drama, The Piano. The movie depicts Kim Cattrall as herself in the lead role, portraying the actress as a true classic Hollywood leading lady. The movie was a box office hit, earning Kim Cattrall another nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. This time, however, it was runner up to lead actress nominee Jennifer Aniston, who also earned her Oscar nomination for The Reader.

  • Kim Cattrall Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
  • Kim Cattrall Height:  5’7″ (170 cm)
  • Kim Cattrall Bra size: 34B
  • Kim Cattrall Shoe size: 9.5
  • Kim Cattrall Body measurements:  36-27-37 inches (91-69-94 cm)
  • Other critical details of the actress:
  • Kim Cattrall Date of Birth: 21 August 1956
  • Kim Cattrall Age: 63
  • Kim Cattrall Nationality: British, Canadian, English
  • Kim Cattrall Horoscope: Leo
  • Kim Cattrall Spouse/Boyfriend: Mark Levinson
  • Kim Cattrall Eye color: Light Brown
  • Kim Cattrall Hair color:  Blonde

There have been rumors over the weekend about Kim Cattrall being upset over the recent rumblings between her and ex-boyfriend, Jason Ellis. However, sources close to Kim Cattrall say that the two are no longer speaking to each other. The fact that the two are no longer speaking is not particularly surprising considering the recent turmoil that has been going on between the two. If there was ever a heated rivalry between Kim Cattrall and Jason Ellis, that has long since died out, it has now seemingly been put aside. In fact, Kim Cattrall’s reps state that the two are no longer speaking to each other.

Furthermore, several sources have revealed that Kim Cattrall’s representatives state that the two actors are no longer friends, despite there being an apparent heat between the two. On the other hand, many sources have reported that Kim Cattrall is the person that prepared the script for the 2021 film, The Piano, in which Kim Cattrall played the title role, and Victoria Cattrall portrayed the title character’s wife. Victoria Cattrall’s character is the wife of a top-level CIA official, while Kim Cattrall was the one that actually performed the role. Victoria Cattrall’s role in the film was that of the wife of the character, which many critics viewed as somewhat similar to that of actress Halle Berry’s in the Oscar winning biopic, The Devil’s Advocate.

Victoria Cattrall, as well as Kim Cattrall, have built a solid reputation in both the theater and film industry, which is largely due to the two performers fantastic turn in the role of the wife of an infamous CIA agent, Lee Harvey Specter. Kim Cattrall has been nominated four times for Academy Awards, including Best Actor nominee for Remember Me The Second Time, for his work in the movie adaptation of the Mona Lisa. This is one of the few movies that critics are raving about, and many critics have referred to it as a great film. Many critics also referred to it as a great picture and one of the best films of its type ever made. On the other hand, some people have referred to Remember Me The Second Time as an over-rated and cheap film, and most of those that did refer to it as over-rated and cheap film were generally praising the film’s acting. Overall, the relationship between Kim Cattrall and Victoria Cattral is one that is rich and interesting, and probably will be something that both actor will try to keep for the rest of their careers.

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