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Kimberly Schlapman Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Kimberly Schlapman is an American actor, motivational speaker, author and producer. She has appeared in films such as Courageous and Swing Vote. Born in Kansas, Schlapman moved to California when she was very young. She attended Pepperwood College in Los Angeles, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in theater.

Kimberly Schlapman grew up in Southern California and often sang at family gatherings. Her father, Frank Schlapman, played the drums in a folk rock band and sang lead in another. Her mother, Jeanette, played the harmonica in a popular family vocal group called The Rosetones while Kimberly performed with a variety of other groups such as The Temptations, Big Youth, Chicano Rejects and others.

In early October 1969, Kimberly Schlapman went on to become the backup singer for The Temptations when their singer, John Butler, suddenly became ill. She performed backup vocals on many of their albums throughout the year. One of her earliest recordings was on the track “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.” While the band was recording their album Please Sir, There’s A Snake In The Art Room, Kimberly recorded her first song,” Kimberly Says,” which became a number one hit for The Temptations.

Her book, Great American Country Channel, was released in 2021. Her story of growing up in Kansas and living with two single mothers was inspired by the story of an acquaintance of hers, Debbie Schlapman, who is the mother of four. Debbie saved the Schlapsman house for her family until they could afford it, which they did. It is not known what happened to Kimberly and the other three women mentioned in the book. However, the book has been met with critical acclaim.

There are seven tracks on the Great American Country Chart, which was issued by iTunes in November of 2021. The seven songs that comprise the album were: I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, Goodnight, Good luck, I’m Coming, Just a Little Home, That Is All, Something So Ugly, You Are My Sunshine, Kimberly Says. According to the iTunes store, the album was downloaded more than two million times. It is difficult to obtain any information on whether or not Kimberly Schlapman is the vocals behind the writing or recording of these songs or whether the group she was a member of called herself The Shirts.

Short Profile
First NameKimberly
Last NameSchlapman
ProfessionCountry Singer
Age49 years old
Birth SignLibra
Birth DateOctober 15, 1969
Birth PlaceToccoa, GA

It is unclear whether or not this is the same band that was featured in the early life of the United States Congress. Although United States congressmen were only known to use My Sixteen Tons as a guide to their daily life, the same group is believed to have been involved in writing or recording many of the songs on the early life of the United States. In fact, several videos of the same songs from the early life of the United states can be found on YouTube. It is possible that Kimberly Schlapman and her early life United States congressmen were involved in crafting some of the songs on this album.

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