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Kirsten Dunst Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wife

Kirsten Dunst is an established actress and singer who is best known for her work as a singer and actress in movies such as Pleasantville, Edward Scissorhands, and The Secret. She is also known for her numerous voice-overs throughout the media. She is married to a musician, composer, and visual artist, Carlos Santana. They have two children together, daughter Breeva and son Vincen. Below is a biography of Kirsten Dunst that you may find interesting.

Kirsten Dunst is famous for her tall, slim body, with long straight hair. Her professional life includes acting, singing, and writing. She has been listed in the US Weekly’s” Fifty Best Stars” since 1998 and has won several awards for her acting career. In her early years, Dunst was known for her petite height, which led some to consider her to be too small to play a child in a movie. Following the praises from Variety Magazine and the movie industry, however, Dunst has grown into a well-known and sought-after actress.

In her bio, Dunst lists her professional career as an actress, singer, and writer. Although she only achieved some success as an actress, she has developed a strong filmography. Her first two films were directed by Wes Craven, who is best known for his horror films and dramas. As a result of her roles in these films, Dunst achieved a reputation as an accomplished actress and singer. Her net worth is not calculated based on how much she has actually earned in this profession; rather, it is based on how much she is loved and perceived to be by fans of her work.

The bio on Dunst shows that she is of German and American descent, and that her parents were both born in Germany. This information is important in terms of demonstrating her ethnicity, since many people assume that Americans do not have nationality or even a distinct identity. In terms of her descent, her father was an American citizen, and her mother was finish descent. Kirsten Dunst has lived all over the United States, most notably in California and New York City, and has been married to fellow artist Frank Kern for the past 25 years.

When considering her personal life, it is evident that Dunst has not shirked on her appearance. She is, after all, an award-winning actress with blue-eyed, blonde hair. The bio on Kirsten Dunst states that the actress’ favorite color is platinum. However, Dunst has also shown off her tattoos, which are also a part of her makeup. Her star tattoo is a depiction of herself and her father aboard a ship in the 1930s.

Kirsten Dunst Career

Profession: Actress

Net Worth: $25 million

Family & Relatives

Father: Klaus Dunst

Mother: Inez Rupprech

Brother(s): Christian Dunst

Sister(s): None

Marital Status: Unmarried

Children: 1

Son(s): Ennis Howard Plemons

The bio on Kirsten Dunst reveals that the actress has kept up on her acting skills as an adult, and that she has produced four films in the last ten years. Her family also provides photos of the happy family that resides in Los Angeles. The most interesting aspect of the Dunsts’ career, however, is their apparent lack of any form of public record for the actress. We can only assume that the Dunsts have avoided being interviewed because of their private lives. We do know that the couple has a teenage son, and that he is referred to by his stage name, Max.

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